5 Children's Apps for Drawing and Coloring

Most children enjoy drawing and coloring. Today, we'll share 5 great apps you can download onto your phone or tablet for your little ones to enjoy.
5 Children's Apps for Drawing and Coloring

Last update: 01 January, 2020

Drawing and coloring are among the best didactic and playful activities that exist. Besides being incredibly entertaining for children of all ages, both contribute to a child’s imagination and other skills. That’s why we want to share a few children’s apps that are perfect for drawing, painting and coloring.

Most children, regardless of the quality of their drawing skills, love to discover a blank sheet of paper. Here, they have the possibility of making their thoughts come to life or filling them with bright and beautiful colors.

With the arrival of new technology, it seems that children have left certain everyday activities behind. Valuable activities like drawing and reading, which have always been popular, are now falling to the wayside.

It’s important for parents and educators alike to adapt to the changes that modern times have brought upon childhood. But in doing so, we mustn’t forget about these activities that kids have enjoyed for centuries.

This adaptation includes the use of electronic devices so that children can continue to draw and color… but in a different way. And that’s why we want to take this opportunity to share a selection of children’s apps for drawing and coloring.

Not only are they fun, but they also encourage fine motor skills. You may find it surprising to know that drawing and coloring on a tablet require much more precision than doing so on paper.

Children’s apps for drawing and coloring

5 Children's Apps for Drawing and Coloring

1. Animals Coloring Book

Almost every child loves animals. That’s why this is one of the most popular children’s apps among the littlest artists. The application contains a number of pictures of animals that children can color. In the same way that animal coloring books have always existed to this day, this application offers the same benefits… only on a screen rather than on paper.

The drawings you’ll find in the Animals Coloring Book app have large dimensions and include little detail. Therefore, it’s ideal for preschoolers.

2. Colorfy Live 3D, one of the best children’s apps for drawing and coloring

This children’s app allows users to choose age settings at the beginning of the game. Therefore, the complexity of the drawings increases according to the user’s age. 

You’ll find everything from the simplest of drawings to the most detailed designs with effects and blending. Thanks to these features, this app is great for coloring and drawing no matter what a person’s age or drawing abilities. You might even enjoy using it yourself!

3. Kids Doodle

Children have a natural attraction to bright colors that easily capture their attention. The creators of the Kids Doodle application were well aware of this fact when they included the option of coloring in neon colors. This is just one of the game’s great features.

5 Children's Apps for Drawing and Coloring

Another one of the features that set this children’s app apart from the rest is the option of creating a presentation. Once little ones have finished coloring and drawing several works of art, they can show them off to their friends and family.

More children’s apps for drawing and painting

4. ABC Coloring Games

The presentation of this application is similar to that of the Animals Color Book app we described above. However, ABC Coloring Games takes things a step further. Children who use this app not only have the options of coloring and drawing, but learning as well.

As children develop their art skills, they’ll also go over the letters of the alphabet. In this sense, they’ll take their first steps into the world of reading and writing.

5. Drawing Pad

As we already indicated at the beginning of this article, drawing and paper have always gone hand in hand. Despite the appearance of new technology in our lives, paper, drawing, coloring, and painting will always go together.

The creators of children’s applications are, of course, aware of the relationship between these concepts. That’s why the brains behind Drawing Pad set out to create a paper-like screen.

In other words, despite the fact that kids are drawing and coloring on a tablet, the app gives them the sensation that they’re using paper. The effects and possibilities that this app includes have made it an undeniable favorite among young audiences.

So, now that you have 5 options to choose from, let your kids discover which ones they like the best. Of course, these technological alternatives shouldn’t replace real-life drawing and coloring altogether. But we’re sure your little ones will enjoy the experience of combining classic artistic activities and attractive new technology.

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