5 Educational Series for Children to Watch

Would you like to discover some of the best educational series for children? Well, pay attention to today's article!
5 Educational Series for Children to Watch
Ana Couñago

Written and verified by the psychologist Ana Couñago.

Last update: 27 December, 2022

5 educational series for children

These series are designed to help little ones acquire skills and values that contribute to their proper development.

Little Einsteins, one of the best educational series

The Little Einsteins are four children—Leo, June, Quincy, and Annie—who, together with their space ship, travel around the world and experience innumerable adventures. In each episode, young viewers must interact with the series’ characters in order to help them solve their missions. What’s more, as they watch this program, kids will acquire knowledge regarding diverse cultures, classical music, and art.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is an animated musical series that’s ideal for stimulating emotional intelligence in preschool-aged children.

The protagonist of this educational series for children is Daniel, a 4-year-old tiger. Along with his friends and family, Daniel learns to manage his emotions in a variety of everyday situations. Daniel tiger is based on the puppet character by the same name from the classic television program, Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.

Sid, the Science Kid

Sid, the Science Kid is about a small child who has a million questions about the world around him. In each episode of this series, Sid and his friends, family, and teacher try to answer the question of the day. Questions like “Why is the sky blue?”, “Why do leaves fall off trees?”, etc.

In this way, the program introduces little learners to the world of science. It sparks their curiosity, ingenuity, interest in their surroundings, observation skills, and more.

“For me, Sid has questions that are really fun, but intelligent at the same time. I think kids will see themselves in him .”

— Bradley Zweig, executive producer of Sid, the Science Kid —

Word Party

The animated series Word Party features four baby animals: Lulu, Bailey, Franny, and Kip. Over the course of each episode, they learn different words as they sing, dance, and play. What’s more, at the end of each show, they put on a party where they go over the new vocabulary they’ve learned.

This way, preschool children develop their linguistic and communication skills. And, of course, they have a great time watching these sweet and adorable characters.

Paw Patrol

Paw Patrol is considered one of the greatest children’s series right now. What’s the key to its success? It has all the perfect ingredients necessary to draw in children from all around the world… Rhythm, humor, fun, and learning.

The Paw Patrol consists of eight dogs: Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye, Everest, and Tracker. What’s more, their leader is a boy named Ryder, who’s an expert in technology. Ryder and the pups work together as a team for the good of the citizens of their town, solving all sorts of problems and challenges.

While watching this series, children will discover the importance of teamwork, respect, mutual help, etc. In short, they acquire a multitude of civil and social values.

Regarding educational series for children

Preschoolers are in the midst of their socioemotional and cognitive development. Therefore, it’s important that they grow up with references that help stimulate and optimize their skills and abilities related to these areas. This needs to go beyond just family and school — it also needs to apply to entertainment.

Furthermore, little ones must understand at an early age that the teaching-learning process isn’t boring. Fortunately, these programs will help them understand that learning is an opportunity to have fun and acquire new knowledge. So, give your children the opportunity to learn with these five educational programs for children.


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