Movies that Teach Children About Ecology

It's important for little ones to learn to value and care for nature from a young age. Today we'll suggest several movies that teach children about ecology.
Movies that Teach Children About Ecology

Last update: 14 December, 2019

Films can be a fun and entertaining tool you can use to teach kids about many important life lessons and values, including respect for nature and the environment. Today, we’ll help you discover some of the best movies that teach children about ecology. 

The nature around us that we enjoy so much is something we can’t live without. Therefore, it’s important we take care of it. In order for children to learn this important lesson, there are many small gestures we can put into practice.

In this day and age, we’re constantly receiving messages from the media warning us about climate change. What’s more, we’re already seeing its devastating effects on plants, water, animals, and the air we breathe.

From the time children are small, we need to educate them about the importance of caring for the environment. That way, they can grow up understanding how important nature is.

Some of the best tools we can use to help teach children about ecology are children’s books and movies. We’ve already taken the opportunity to suggest book titles that you can read with your little ones.

So, today, we’ll talk about several children’s movies that help kids understand the importance of caring for nature.

Movies that teach children about ecology


Pixar and Walt Disney Pictures released the first movie on our list in the year 2008. Wall-E is a movie about how humanity was forced into exile, seeking refuge in a space ship. Why? Because they could no longer coexist with the toxicity that existed in the Earth’s environment.


Number two on our list of movies that teach children about ecology is also from Disney. Bambi is no doubt one of the most classic and well-known animated films this company has every produced.

Disney released this movie decades ago in the year 1942. However, despite its age, the death of an important character still teaches children about how important it is to respect and care for animals and their habitat.

Finding Nemo

In this 2003 children’s film, also from Disney, animals are once again the main characters. In Finding Nemothe plot focuses on marine life. Nemo, Dora, and all the other characters in this animated movie are sure to keep you and your little ones laughing.

And within the storyline, there’s an important and very strong message for children and adults alike. In this sense, the moral is similar to that of BambiThe importance of respecting and caring for animals and the places where they live .

Marine animals are one of the species that most suffer the consequences of climate change. Therefore, simple habits like picking up our trash after a day at the beach are so important for children to learn. Finding Nemo will help little ones love and appreciate the underwater world and want to take care of it.

More movies that teach children about ecology

Movies that Teach Children About Ecology

The Lorax

Based on a the classic 1971 children’s book from Dr. Seuss, this 2012 film also helps to teach children about ecology. The importance of caring for the environment, the industrialization of man, and the cutting down of trees… These are some of the main issues that appear in this film from Universal Pictures.

What’s more, the movie’s official website offers interactive activities for children to enjoy. These games and videos further encourage and educate children on issues like recycling, caring for the environment, and buying local.

This website is an ideal tool both for use at home as well as in the classroom. Children can learn about ecology in an entertaining and attractive context.


The last movie on our list is another classic from the Walt Disney industry. Pocahontas, which came out in theaters in 1995, teaches an important lesson in history about our disregard for nature in the past. Your children can learn this and many other valuable lessons by watching Pocahontas.

The breathtaking images and music in this film sing the praises of nature. In fact, one of the main characters in the film is a talking tree that counsels the protagonist. In a very simple way, children can come to learn the important and delicate balance of the environment around us.



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