Games to Enjoy Christmas With the Family

Today, we'll bring you some games to enjoy Christmas with the family. You'll see how quickly your holidays will go by and how much fun you'll have.
Games to Enjoy Christmas With the Family

Last update: 18 December, 2021

Holidays are just around the corner and, with them, leisure time. During these dates, it’s an excellent idea to take the opportunity to take walks in the countryside, get to know a nearby town, or promote the bond between parents and children. We suggest that you put the television and the game console aside and make way for games to enjoy Christmas with the family.

Some are great classics for any time of year, but we’ve given them a Christmas twist. Of course, they are all aimed at getting quality time with the people you love the most.

Have fun with these games to enjoy Christmas with the family

As we’ve said, we suggest that you take the opportunity to spend some fun-filled hours with your family. Far from suggesting activities that are too complex or that you need a fortune to afford, we want to make it super easy.

A family playing a board game by the Christmas tree.

You’ll see that most of these activities don’t require any investment and others can be done at home and encourage creativity with a little time dedicated to crafts. Of course, you can choose the best activities from this list according to the tastes and age levels in your family.

Word chain

As its name suggests, it is about chaining words. Sit in a circle and, and in a clockwise direction, you have to say words that begin with the same letter with which the previous word ended.

To make it more Christmassy, we suggest that you limit it to concepts that are related to the season. For example, if one person says “snow”, the next person could say “white” and so on. This game encourages ingenuity and mental agility and increases your vocabulary.

Memory game

Arrange different Christmas-related objects on a table in an orderly manner and cover them with a box or cloth. Show the contents for 30 seconds and, after the time is up, cover them again. Each player must write down as many objects as they can remember on a sheet of paper. The one who has correctly scored the most objects and shows their good memory will win.

The Christmas Treasure Hunt

Little ones love this game, and if you sprinkle it with the spirit of Christmas, then they’ll enjoy it even more. It’s about hiding objects around the house and giving your kids clues so that they can find them. You can elaborate it as much as you want, making a map, giving prizes to the winners… What they enjoy most is running from one place to another in search of the next treasure.

Tic tac toe, one of the games to enjoy Christmas with the family

Who doesn’t like to play tic-tac-toe? It’s an all-time classic, but if you customize it, you can have an extra fun time making crafts. To do this, you’ll need the following materials:

  • Markers
  • Paintings
  • A piece of felt or cardboard
  • Some stones that are as smooth as possible to act as chips

Paint the stones with the Christmas elements that you like the most: Snowmen, reindeer, Santa Claus, etc. On the fabric or cardboard, draw the board with the markers. Ready! Now you can start playing.

Children stacking blocks with Christmas decorations in the background.

Taking down the Grinch

Use several boxes of different sizes to create the shape of a share-shaped Grinch, the quintessential anti-Christmas character. Paint them green and let the children decorate them however they like. On the first box will go the face and, and on the rest, the body. With a soft rubber ball, test to see how good you are at trying to knock it down.

Charades, another game to enjoy Christmas with the family

Make several pieces of paper and, on each one, write down a movie, a story, or a typical character that has to do with the holiday season. Fold them and put them in a bowl so that participants take turns drawing one. Through gestures, you have to get the rest of the players to guess what movie, story, or character is written on your paper. This game can be played in teams.

In short, you’re going to love spending these days together with your family, playing and exchanging endearing moments, the kind that remain in your memory forever.

You can also use your imagination and transform any typical game into one that’s Christmas-themed. In addition, you can prepare snacks together to accompany the entertaining afternoons. Let the fun begin!

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