How to Introduce Children to Reading

Teaching children how to read takes a lot of time. However, when you introduce children to reading in the right way, they start to learn to love books.
How to Introduce Children to Reading

Last update: 16 February, 2020

Ever since they’re little, around one year old, kids can start learning about the world of books and reading. To introduce children to reading, it takes a lot of dedication and effort from the people around them.

Establishing a good relationship with books from a young age will help children enjoy reading. Surely, they’ll keep that joy throughout their lives.

Learning how to read is a gradual process that involves many factors, both from children and the people around them. However, there are a few tips and tricks to help. Getting their attention is the best way to introduce children to reading.

Tips to introduce children to reading

Show them simple books for their age and tastes

Although this might seem basic and obvious, we don’t always think of it. It’s very important to choose books that are appropriate for children’s age. It’s also important to pick books about things they’re interested in.

For example, if you’re picking a book for a child about two or three years old, you should look for books they can handle themselves. It should have lots of pictures and short, simple texts.

How to Introduce Children to Reading

If you’re looking for baby books, the best options are ones with rhymes and sounds. In addition, there are lots of different types of books on the market that are especially made for babies.

Include complementary activities to reading

Making crafts is one of the activities that kids like best. Therefore, to stimulate them, make something together after reading. Drawing their favorite character or making puppets are some great options. This way, they’ll focus more on the story and understand the details better.

More ideas to introduce children to reading

Be positive about reading

As we mentioned in other articles, you should be positive about things in front of children. This way, kids will see adults having fun, so they’re going to want to do it too.

Therefore, it’s important that the time you spend reading is actually interesting and fun. In addition, you can’t try to force your children to like an activity that you’re pretending to like yourself.

Speaking of forcing, it’s important to keep in mind that there will be days when children want to read, and other days when they don’t. Remember this because if you force children to read, they won’t enjoy doing it.

How to Introduce Children to Reading

Talk about the book to introduce children to reading

One of the most important things to introduce your child to reading is knowing what they like. You can find this out by talking about the books you’re reading together. In addition, these conversations can help you as parents discuss issues that would be difficult to explain otherwise.

Pictures are an important part of children’s books. By themselves, these can create stories without even needing text. Each of the pictures in children’s books brings out feelings and thoughts, which you can talk to your children about.

In addition, you can also help your children express themselves. This is very important for them, both personally and academically.

Turn reading into something special

The main objective of getting children to enjoy reading is that later on, they’ll have the desire to read. You can do this through small actions that will make kids continue to read as a hobby.

In fact, going to the library and getting a library card, creating a mini library with all the books they’ve read, and giving them personalized books are great options to make reading a special and fun time at home.

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