4 Ideas for Making Christmas Cards

Christmas is approaching and the children are eager to unleash all their creativity by making Christmas cards. Join us and don't miss out on these great ideas.
4 Ideas for Making Christmas Cards

Last update: 05 December, 2020

Having ideas for making Christmas cards is essential if you want to give a gift made with love that really carries your personal stamp or your child. If you consider the true meaning of Christmas, you’ll notice that it’s a time to share with the family and to express gratitude and love. So, doing this activity at home will, without a doubt, allow you to meet that objective this holiday season.

At You Are Mom, we’ve put together four ideas for you that will make your Christmas cards stand out. And while making Christmas cards, you and your children will share quality time, create memories, and have a lot of fun together. Keep reading to find out how easy it is.

4 ideas for making Christmas cards

Making Christmas cards at home can be a very special occasion for children to have fun with their parents and siblings. In addition, the range of possibilities in terms of decoration, materials, colors, and themes is so wide that children of any age can participate in their preparation.

It’s also worth mentioning that you don’t need to spend money on expensive products. That’s because, as we’ll indicate below, the recyclable materials you have at home will be enough. You just need to let your imagination fly.

A woman painting a wooden snowflake ornament.

1. Christmas cards made with cut-out words

This Christmas card will be a lot of fun for children who are already in preschool. That’s because they’ll also be able to improve their fine motor skills and remember the activities they already do in the classroom. All you have to do is use scissors (make sure they’re safe for children), old magazines, white glue or a glue stick, and colored cards.

Children should start by cutting out the squares with the words they want to include in the message. Then, they should choose the shape that’ll appear. They can make it in the form of a Christmas tree, like a heart, like a spiral, or simply with some lines.

Then, you must carefully apply the adhesive to the words without going overboard with the amount. As a final decoration, you can add frost or glitter to the card to give it a sparkly touch.

2. Embroidered card with string

You can make this kind of card with the teenagers in your house. It’s also quite simple and you don’t need to be an expert at embroidery. All you need is string, an embroidery needle with a blunt tip, a pencil with a very sharp tip, and cardboard.

First, you’ll have to write the message you want to convey on the inside of the Christmas card. When this step is ready, you’ll start with the embroidery. Now, with a pencil, mark the points where the thread will pass. This way, you’ll make sure that the shape is perfect. Since you’re making Christmas cards, we suggest making figures like stars, pine trees, or snowflakes.

3. Christmas tree cards

Another quite interesting option includes making cards in order to decorate the Christmas tree. The good thing about this option is that all family members can participate. You just need to adjust the level of difficulty according to age and abilities. In that case, we have two options:

Use dry leaves to make cards

You can use a bouquet of leaves of your choice and stick them to the cardboard with a Christmas note. You must make a hole in it and stick ribbon or string through it so that it can hang from the tree.

A child making a homemade christmas card.

Cardboard spiral

This is easy for the little ones in your house. All they have to do is take some thick paper (construction paper, cardstock, or posterboard) and cut it out in the shape of a spiral. Then, they can paint it green, red or white, and add dots using sequins, beads, or sparkle glitter to make it very bright.

4. Edible cards

As a final option, we wanted to step away from traditional ideas and suggest something extra original. This is an especially fun idea for family members who love food and desserts. So, how about an edible Christmas card?

You can melt chocolate and make Christmas tree shapes or, with the help of a mold, write “Merry Christmas.” Remember to place your edible card in a cellophane bag for delivery.

We’re sure that your family and friends will be pleasantly surprised by these beautiful handmade Christmas cards. Happy holidays to everyone!


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