4 Money Saving Back to School Crafts for Kids

The school season is just a couple of months away and it's always good to plan ahead. With that in mind, we want to share four back to school crafts for kids.
4 Money Saving Back to School Crafts for Kids

Last update: 30 June, 2020

The beginning of the school year is fast approaching. Within just a few weeks, children will go back to their classrooms and little ones will start their academic routines again. This time of year is all about buying textbooks, school supplies, backpacks, etc. The costs of all these items can add up very fast. And that’s why we want to suggest four back to school crafts to help you stay within budget.

For a variety of reasons, it can be difficult to buy everything kids need in order to go back to school. We’re aware of those challenges and want to help make things a bit easier. 

Therefore, in today’s article, we want to show you a series of DIY ideas for making school supplies at home. The objective here is two-fold: First, saving money and, second, enjoying time with your children as you make back to school crafts together. So, are you ready?

Back to school crafts for kids

1. Cloth snack bags

A mid-morning snack at school is a must so that young learners can recharge and pay attention until lunchtime. In many cases, children take these snacks to school in some sort of plastic container or paper bag with the child’s name on it.

However, given the need to care for the planet and save money, cloth bags are becoming quite popular. However, because they’re so on-trend, they can also be quite overpriced. So, that’s why the first of our back to schools crafts for kids is a homemade cloth snack bag.

4 Money Saving Back to School Crafts for Kids

To make this craft, you’ll need the following:

  • Cheesecloth or muslin fabric – whatever color your child likes the most.
  • Double-faced velcro or a short zipper.
  • Fabric swatches to join together to make a patchwork or iron-on patches.

This is a great craft to make as a family since each member will have a specific task. The first to participate will be your child, who will choose the color of the bag. Then, mom or dad will sew the bag in order to give it a specific shape that allows the child to put items in easily.

To close the bag, you can choose to use double-stick velcro or a zipper. Or, you can simply attach a bit of ribbon to tie the bag shut. The final step will be your child’s favorite part because it’s time to decorate! Together, you can decide on a character or object for your theme: Animals, cartoon characters, fun emojis, etc…

To decorate, you can find iron-on patches at your local craft or fabric store. You can also use a patchwork technique to bring together a variety of different patterns and colors. This is more complex, of course, but makes for a great final product.

2. Pencil holders

It’s time to renew the pencil holders your children have in their room. To do so, you can choose from the three alternatives below:

  • Recycle their current pencil holders by giving them a new look.
  • Make new pencil holders.
  • Use some other type of material to create them.

No matter which option you choose, your children are going to love it! You can cover them in patterned paper, paint them, and add all sorts of decorative elements. For example, stickers, gems, three-dimensional paint, string, shells, pebbles, and more. Let your child’s imagination soar!

3. A school planner, one of the simplest back to school crafts for kids

Planners are a great way for kids – and their parents – to stay organized throughout the week. This simple craft will help your children see their classes in a much more fun and interesting way .

Our idea is for your kids to create their own planners to help them visualize their weekly schedules. All they’ll need is poster board, markers, and plenty of imagination. To make things even more fun, your children can design an image to represent each subject. That way, they’ll know what classes they have each day and what materials they need to take to school.

4 Money Saving Back to School Crafts for Kids

4. Pencil decorating

As children get older, they tend to want to develop more “refined” cases when it comes to their school supplies. In other words, they become pickier when it comes to brand names, designs, etc. More basic school supplies can seem boring to them, and now they want items that attract more attention. Of course, those school supplies tend to have a heftier price tag.

That’s why we want to show you a much more economical alternative that most kids will be just as pleased with. They can decorate their own school supplies!

Using EWA or even construction paper, they can create children’s characters and other attractive decorative elements. Once they’re ready, they can attach them to their pens, pencils, and other items. Nothing could be more personalized than that!

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