The 7 Most Beneficial Sports for Children

Finding the most beneficial sports should be your child's job. The idea is for you to constantly encourage them. Learn more.
The 7 Most Beneficial Sports for Children
Andrés Felipe Cardona Lenis

Written and verified by degree in physical education and sports Andrés Felipe Cardona Lenis.

Last update: 23 January, 2023

Talking about the most beneficial sports for children refers to any practice that involves constant muscular and neuronal activation. Practically any programmed physical activity such as sports will have positive aspects to contribute to your children.

The primary objective is that children avoid remaining immobile at all costs, as this will stimulate the effects of sedentarism. Even in early stages, non-communicable diseases are likely to take over. Therefore, beyond the fact that all sports practice is positive, we’ll mention some of the most beneficial sports for children.

Know the most beneficial sports for children

Determining that a sport is beneficial for children involves encouraging physical activity for at least 60 minutes a day. This is what the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends. At the same time, it should also have certain relevant characteristics such as social interaction, cognitive stimulation, and the management of various skills that will serve to build healthy habits.

1. Climbing

A young girl practicing wall climbing.
Climbing is a good option and a great challenge for children. Just by perceiving the wall, the child will be physically and psychologically predisposed.

First of all, climbing is presented as a great challenge for children. In addition, this activity contributes to psychophysical stimulation and favors the development of skills such as endurance, flexibility, and strength, among others.

2. Swimming

Passing by swimming pools and seeing them full of children is no coincidence. Among the most beneficial sports in the world, swimming stands out, all thanks to its influence on the human body.

The mere change of environment -from land to water- provokes in little ones a great stimulus to face the new challenge. This favors the development of various physical skills such as coordination and flexibility. At the same time, many of the classes are conducted in groups, a factor that contributes to the strengthening of interpersonal relationships. Everybody wins!

3. Basketball

Have you ever gone with your kids to play basketball at the park? If your answer is yes, you’ve probably realized how much this sport can empower your child. In case you’ve never done it, don’t worry. It’s never too late to accompany them to the park or enroll them in a school that teaches this sport.

Just by starting to bounce the ball, children will boost their physical coordination and reaction capacity. At the same time, it’s one of the most complex team sports in existence, which is why the little ones will be forced to obtain a high degree of information and knowledge. It’s likely that they won’t understand everything that this discipline entails, but with the passing of time, they will.

4. Judo

Contrary to what many parents may think, judo isn’t a sport that encourages aggressiveness in children. It’s actually one of the most beneficial sports for children because it focuses on encouraging self-control and patience.

Without a doubt, it’s one of the most beneficial sports for children, not only because of its self-control and self-defense bases but also because it stimulates some of their physical abilities. Coordination, strength, and endurance are the aspects most worked on during practice. That’s why it’s so highly recommended for little ones.

5. Soccer

Soccer is one of the most famous sports in the world and stands out as the most performed team practice. In this regard, it’s a great alternative for children to learn to become familiar with others and strengthen interpersonal relationships.

At the same time, a sport like soccer favors coordination, endurance, and speed skills. In addition, it also helps to strengthen location in time and space.

6. Water polo

Children playing water polo.
Regarding physical benefits, water polo contributes in terms of coordination, reaction capacity, location in time and space, and decision-making.

Water polo is a highly recommended and very entertaining sport. However, it’s important to consult with the coach if children need to know how to swim before practicing it. Besides that, this is also a team discipline, so it favors working with other kids and helps to strengthen interpersonal relationships, making it another one of the most beneficial sports.

7. Chess

Perhaps chess doesn’t meet the criteria demanded by the WHO in terms of physical activity. However, the recognized “science sport” offers many psychological benefits to children.

Concentration, creativity, and imagination are the pillars of this activity. It may be difficult for your children to take an initial interest in this discipline, but once they discover it, they’ll be able to enjoy it and obtain many benefits.

The most beneficial sports are those that your child enjoys

There are plenty of options for children to play sports, and each one of them provides great benefits for psychophysical development. However, the most recommended sports disciplines are those that are enjoyable.

As a parent, you gain nothing by forcing your children to take part in a specific activity. In the long run, you’ll only frustrate them. For this reason, try to accompany them in their decision and in the execution of the sport they choose.

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