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Andrés Felipe Cardona Lenis

Degree in physical education and sports

Has a degree in Physical Education and Sports. He has experience as an educator and as a writer of articles on physical health and psychological health. He has designed programs for young people and adults to improve the use of free time in a healthy way. He has also participated in sports outreach, conferences, and seminars.

About the author

He graduated in Physical Education and Sports at the University of Quindío de Armenia, 2011-2016. He has taken part in various congresses throughout his career as a main speaker and an assistant: I and II International Congress of Significant Experiences in Physical Education, Recreation, Sports and Related Areas, Universidad del Quindío (2012 and 2014); National Congress of Sports Medicine "Pediatrics and sports examined within the clinical, functional and physical preparation context", Universidad Libre de Cali (2014); Certification Training for Special Olympics Colombia, IMDERA Armenia and Special Olympics Colombia Trainers (2015). He worked as a teacher at the Wild Sharks Swimming Club in 2015. Later he worked as a physical education teacher at the Hernán Mejía Mejía Foundation, a home for the Elderly, in Armenia 2017-2019.

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