Why is Having a Collection Good for Kids?

Having a collection can be a suitable hobby for children to learn to be more organized and respectful of their belongings. These benefits will then spread to other facets of their lives.
Why is Having a Collection Good for Kids?
Pedro González Núñez

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

Having a collection is good for children for a number of reasons. In fact, it’s likely that we ourselves have had our own collections in the past– dolls, trading cards, or the toys that came with our favorite box of cereal when we were kids.

The truth is that there’s always been a great supply of collectibles for children. In addition, it’s possible to advance in this hobby independently of trends, according to one’s own interests. Therefore, there are those who have a large stock of key chains, perfumes, coasters, dresses, figurines, postcards, dolls, etc.

The point is that when it’s not taken to an extreme that causes an obsession or arouses great anxiety, collecting is a good hobby for children. And from this habit, some good values and skills can also be enriched in children.

When does the interest in having a collection appear in childhood?

Children can have a passion for collecting from a very young age. As we’ve said, they may feel eager to collect stickers, comic books, marbles, dolls, or even legos, among other things.

This hobby can accompany them into adulthood and is a benefit that will help them in many areas of their lives. In the right dose, it can facilitate the learning of order, organization, and control of one’s belongings.

Little ones develop a great sense of responsibility for their collections and are concerned about keeping them well cared for. Likewise, they learn to value what they’ve achieved with so much work and effort. And what’s more, they can interact with other children and adults through common interests, either to share their enthusiasm or to exchange objects.

Also, when they want to expand their collection, they’ll endeavor to save their money to purchase new pieces. This detail is very positive for their proper development.

A boy looking at his rock collection.

More reasons why having a collection is good for kids

Let’s discover more benefits that having a collection adds to child development. This rewarding experience brings curiosity and interest to the lives of our little ones.

1. Exercising patience

Children generally have a hard time cultivating patience. When they want something, they demand it without hesitation and expect to satisfy their wishes immediately. That’s why collecting is so useful, especially when it comes to serial collections.

Kids who collect must learn to wait for the new book or the next accessory they want to be on the market and on sale. In the meantime, they have to be patient and not become overwhelmed or frustrated.

2. Promoting perseverance

At the same time, children learn to be persistent. If they want to complete your favorite collections, be it stamps, mugs, or anything else, they should know that the process will be a long one.

Therefore, resilience is important in order to understand that only with effort and perseverance will they achieve their goals.

3. Developing organizational skills

All parents dream of their children being organized, tidying their rooms, and keeping their toys in a safe place. Without a doubt, collecting is a very good hobby in this sense.

The kids have to keep their collection in order, which sometimes has to be categorized, labeled, and identified. All this makes them the directors of their own small museums.

If they can get organized with their collections, why won’t they do the same with their toys and their rooms?

4. Allowing them to acquire new knowledge

Of course, a collection is a major source of knowledge. Be it stickers, minerals, or photographs, all collections hide a wealth of wisdom that the child will study and learn without even being aware of it.

The best way for children to discover is through play, and collecting is a very entertaining and effective hobby for the acquisition of knowledge of various kinds.

5. Encouraging certain academic skills

In addition to the above, collecting also improves certain academic skills, such as math. Children often enjoy counting the number of treasures they have obtained with their hobby. They also develop literacy as they write to design their small files list their possessions, thus improving their reading and comprehension skills.

A child surrounded by his toy car collection.

Having a collection in childhood is a privilege!

Now that you’ve seen why collecting is good for children, it’s worth encouraging them to enjoy this hobby to enhance their natural development. And it’s up to you that they do.

However, if this hobby is not to your liking, there are many more valuable hobbies that are also worth knowing. But this one, without a doubt, is magnificent.

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