Benefits of Kung Fu for Children

There are many benefits that martial arts like Kung Fu can offer children. In addition to being a good physical activity and teaching self-defense, kids develop important values like confidence, self-discipline, self-esteem and more.
Benefits of Kung Fu for Children

Last update: 05 February, 2019

Kung Fu for children teaches self-discipline, and improves self-confidence and self-esteem. Many people may consider Kung Fu to be just another fun activity, like going to the movies or an afternoon of playing soccer with friends. However, this martial art offers much more.

Martial arts in general provide a series of physical, mental and social skills that benefit children. Starting at age five, kids learn about respect and discipline in a fun and safe environment.

Different martial arts like Kung Fu, Tae-kwon-do, and Aikido are fun ways for both boys and girls to get in shape. 

Some parents may think that they also promote violence, but in reality, this isn’t the case. Martial arts really teach self-discipline and social skills.

Kung Fu for children is especially great for those with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). In fact, this martial art is great for promoting self-control and concentration, exactly the skills that ADHD affects.

10 benefits of Kung Fu for children

If some parents still doubt whether or not to sign their children up for Kung Fu, you might want to check out these benefits. They’ll surely change your mind.

  • Teaches self-defense: Kung Fu uses this skill as the foundation of everything. By practicing it regularly, kids will learn to defend themselves in different ways.
  • Encourages self-discipline: Martial arts in general, and Kung Fu in particular, help children focus. They help kids concentrate on one task at a time.
Benefits of Kung Fu for Children
  • The discipline that Kung Fu teaches often extends to other areas of life. There are standards regarding uniforms, routines and techniques. These skills can be transferred to school and home tasks.
  • Physical activity: Warm-ups with jumping jacks, push-ups, and stretching are an integral part of Kung Fu, especially for children. It’s both an aerobic and anaerobic activity.
  • Helps tone muscles, gain flexibility, and improve fitness. It also benefits the heart, as well as kidney functioning and digestion.

“Some parents may think that martial arts also promote violence, but in reality, this isn’t the case. They really teach self-discipline and social skills.”

Developing important values

The advantages of Kung Fu aren’t limited to just physical skills. It also has other types of benefits:

  • Kung Fu also helps mental development, like learning respect. Children learn to bow to their teachers, instructors and peers. The formations, kicks and blocks are only one part. The important thing is respect for oneself and others.
  • Increases self-esteem: Kids who practice martial arts have more self-confidence. The belt classification system provides children with tangible goals to follow. The feeling of mastering a technique or getting a new belt will benefit them in all aspects of life.
  • Promotes self-awareness: Through Kung Fu, kids begin to recognize their physical and mental abilities, learn from their mistakes, and find out how to overcome them. An essential part of this activity is to learn how to overcome limits and take on new challenges.
  • Develops self-esteem: It’s a fundamental part of children’s personalities. A high self-esteem will help them see themselves as competent, confident and valuable. This will translate positively into their school and home life. In addition, it’ll help them better adapt to their surroundings.
Benefits of Kung Fu for Children

Conflict resolution and socialization

Kung Fu and martial arts teach techniques that encourage peaceful resolutions to conflicts. Many academies teach intelligent techniques to children. It uses defensive moves to encourage kids not to use physical violence, avoid problems and have resources to solve them.

Kung Fu also improves social skills. This martial art form provides children with good social behavior. It does so by promoting teamwork, and of course, respecting and recognizing other children.

As for the brain, it encourages attention and concentrating on a certain task. It also stimulates memory, and gives kids tools to differentiate, order, imagine and create.

In a society like ours, full of images and situations that can be toxic for children’s development, practicing martial arts like Kung Fu can be very positive. Suggest the idea to your children, and invite them to try this healthy sport.

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