Crafts for Children Aged 5 to 7

Crafts are an excellent way of developing children's curiosity and creativity. Have you tried all of the ideas on this list? 
Crafts for Children Aged 5 to 7

Last update: 12 November, 2018

In today’s article we’ve put together a few ideas for crafts for children between the ages of 5 and 7.

At this age, children are in the early childhood education phase or at the primary education stage. Their motor skills require coordination, agility, concentration and attention.

So you should provide them with activities they enjoy and that are also useful for them to keep learning. One option is to do arts and crafts.

These crafts for children from 5 to 7 years old are intended to help them develop dexterity with their hands and improve several skills while having fun.

As your children learn to develop new skills, these craft activities will also help boost their self-esteem and enhance their learning.

3 crafts for children aged 5

You can do different activities using simple and colourful items, such as balloons, felt or cardboard, among others. Here are some of them:

Cardboard animals

This activity should be fun so that it keeps your children’s attention. It will help them develop coordination, learn to be patient and learn about different animals. You’ll need scissors, glue, cardboard of various colors and a black marker.

Method: Draw each animal shape 2 times and cut them out. Then, draw the parts of the body, such as paws, eyes and other decorations with other colors and proceed to cut. Next, stick the cut-out objects on the animal and that’s it!

Crafts for Children Aged 5 to 7

Your family tree

This is a great age to teach them how to make a family tree. This will help them understand the relationship that exists between each family member. You’ll need to use colored cards and pictures of the family.

Method: draw the tree, its trunk and branches on brown card. Then, on green card, make shapes for the leaves. They can be in the shape of clouds. Make enough for the number of family members you’re going to add.

Airplane with rolls of paper

You can use rolls to make very original airplanes. You just need time and creativity. You’ll need scissors, glue, pencil, marker, brush, paint and 2 rolls of paper.

Method: cut one of the rolls lengthwise and then in half so you end up with 2 pieces. Then, draw two parts with rounded tips, one of them the size of the roll and the other cut in half, and paint them.

Next, make two cuts on the sides of the whole roll, one up and one down, and attach the cut pieces using the glue. Then, decorate the plane with stickers.

2 fun crafts for 6-year-olds

At this stage your children will already be learning to read and write, so their skills will be tested at a higher level.

You can use crafts that are practical and that will encourage your children to continue and focus their attention:

Recycled frame

This is something every home needs for family photos. You’ll need used paper, buttons, scissors, cloth, a blender, glue, pencil, double-sided tape, cutter and a cardboard lid.

Method: cut the paper into small pieces and place it in the glass of the blender, add water and white glue and stir until you get a paste.

Next, spread the dough on an absorbent cloth to retain the excess water. Leave it for several days until it dries completely.

Then, stick it to a cardboard lid with the white glue, and cut the inside of the lid with a cutter the size you want for your photo. Stick the double-sided tape and affix your photograph.

You can decorate it with buttons or pieces of cloth.

“Thanks to these crafts for children from 5 to 7 years old, the children will keep busy creating shapes and objects that contribute to their physical well-being”

Memory game

This fun game will help them improve their attention and concentration, and develop their memory skills. It will also be something fun to play together.

To do it, find 16 caps of the same size and shape, a marker, scissors, white glue, cardboard and paint.

Method: paint the caps the preferred color. Then, with the help of a shape, make circles on the cards and do pairs of drawings. Then, stick them to the inside of the caps. That’s it, you’re now ready to play memory!

Crafts for Children Aged 5 to 7

Crafts for children aged 7

This is the biggest challenge, because it’s a time when your children already want to experience other things and activities. You’ll have to adapt them to their growth process.

Felt case

You can design a pencil case together to take their pencils or markers to school. To do so you’ll need a piece of felt, a button, ribbon, ruler, pencil, colored markers, scissors and a cutter.

Method: Cut a piece of felt of 30×20 cm and, with the help of a ruler, measure small lines of 1.5 cm leaving a space of 0.5 cm between each mark. Then cut the marks with the cutter. Then make four rows of cuts on the piece of fabric.

Then, insert the string or ribbon into the button, tie a knot and make a small hole in one edge of the fabric to insert the ribbon. Then put the colors in the slots, and wind and tie them.

Crafts for children aged 5 to 7, much more than just fun

All children have a natural creative capacity. The purpose of arts and crafts should be to allow children to explore their creativity and develop their skills at the same time.

In addition, with crafts for children aged 5 to 7, they’ll be kept occupied creating shapes and objects that contribute to their overall well-being.

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