Ideas to Decorate Your Children's Room for Christmas

Who said that you can't decorate your children's room for Christmas? With the following suggestions, you can bring the holiday spirit to every corner of your house.
Ideas to Decorate Your Children's Room for Christmas

Last update: 08 November, 2019

Christmas is coming, and we thought an excellent idea is to decorate every corner of your house, not just the living room or hallway. The ones who enjoy it the most are the little ones. So why not decorate your children’s room for Christmas?

The first thing you need to know is that there’s more to Christmas decorations than red, green and tinsel. Fortunately, there are modern trends with holiday decorations as well. You can adapt them to whatever suits your tastes.

Festive ideas to decorate your children’s room for Christmas

Without a doubt, this is the holiday that children enjoy the most. They look forward to it all year! In addition, they’re excited to decorate the house, trim the tree, and wait patiently for Santa. If it’s all about fun, why not make Christmas come to your kids’ room with fun and beautiful decorations?

Advent calendars

These fascinate children! It marks 24 days with gifts that start on December 1st. They can range from sweets or toys to inspiring phrases and riddles. Therefore, let your imagination fly, and don’t feel the need to be focused on material things. Kids will have fun either way.

There are many models of advent calendars. In addition, you can even make your own unique one. The interesting thing here is to put it in your children’s room so they feel like it’s only theirs.

White lights

May the lights never flicker! A row of white lights will create a warm and festive atmosphere in your children’s room. You can stick them on the wall and make it in the shape of a Christmas tree. You can also put them on their headboards and turn them on at night when they go to bed.

You can even hang them on the shelves where they keep their favorite stories. Feel inspired to hang them wherever you think is best.


Children love animals of all kinds. You can include stuffed animals, pillows or figurines in the shape of winter animals. For example, reindeer, camels, deer and polar bears are the best for this season.

Decorate Your Children's Room for Christmas

You can’t leave out garlands when you decorate your children’s room for Christmas! They’re beautiful items that hang from side to side on the wall. In addition, you can all have fun spending an afternoon as a family with a DIY project.

Use cookie cutters to shape the ornaments that will hang from it. For example, you could use colorful papers, Christmas fabrics, or anything else you think of. Let your children choose their favorite things.

Christmas card tree

Around this time, you’ll probably receive Christmas cards from families and friends sending their greetings for the holidays. Instead of keeping them in a drawer, use them to decorate your children’s room for Christmas.

You can show them off on a shelf or hang them from the little tree of lights on the wall. If you want, you can even put them in small frames on the wall. Merry Christmas!

Advent wreath

Hang an advent wreath on the bedroom door. In fact, this is another thing you can do together. You’ll find a lot of easy and fun ways to make them.

“I wish we could put up some of the Christmas spirit in jars and open a jar of it every month.”

– Harland Miller –

Boots for gifts

Yes, they look nice by the fireplace. However, if you don’t have a fireplace at home, let them be a part of your children’s bedroom! Choose large boots with simple designs so they don’t look too obnoxious. It’s not worth stressing out about what they look like either.

Linens to decorate your children’s room for Christmas

Transform their beds completely by adding some nordic covers full of Christmas. There are thousands of models on the market. Therefore, you can pick your favorite and add pillows and details full of magic.

Wall stickers

Stick some stickers on your walls in the shape of trees, stars or snowmen. In fact, it makes the room look ready for winter and Christmas. Later, you can take them down and store them until next year.

Ideas to Decorate Your Children's Room for Christmas

Wrapping empty gift boxes to decorate your children’s room for Christmas

If you want to do crafts on winter evenings, wrapping empty boxes and putting them in the corner is a great activity. These will decorate your children’s room for Christmas to get ready for the big night.

As you can see, there are many things you can do as a family, including simple ideas to give your children’s bedroom a little holiday spirit. Take the time to spend great moments with them!

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