6 Ideas to Decorate Your Yard for Christmas

Do you want to decorate your yard for Christmas but don't know how? We'll show you a few easy, beautiful and perfect ideas to make with your whole family.
6 Ideas to Decorate Your Yard for Christmas

Last update: 23 November, 2019

If you’re passionate about the Christmas season, you’ll surely want to have that spirit in every corner of your house. One of the places where people put the most attention is outside. That’s why today we’re going to talk about how to decorate your yard for Christmas. If you’re lucky enough to have this space, don’t hesitate to make the most of it.

The yard is the first thing you see as soon as you arrive at someone’s house. Therefore, it acts as a sort of cover letter. Why not wish your neighbors a merry Christmas in a beautiful and cheerful way? Keep some of these basic tips in mind.

Ideas to decorate your yard for Christmas

Christmas isn’t about making your yard look like a county fair, but about giving a festive atmosphere. That way, everyone can feel your Christmas passion and feel good when they look at your home.

6 Ideas to Decorate Your Yard for Christmas

Use a wreath to decorate your yard for Christmas

This is a classic decoration – a wreath hanging on your front door. You should definitely include pine cones, branches, pines, and fir. You can even make it a DIY adventure and add your own personal touch.

Customized pots and plants

To decorate your yard for Christmas, you can use your spare pots and plants. You can customize them with lights, pinecones, tinsel, and felt dolls on their branches. Take advantage of the resources you have, and transform them into Christmas decorations.

In addition to the typical poinsettias, there are other holiday plants you could use. For example, you could display a Christmas cactus, holly or princettia. Take a look to see which one you like best to make your yard more beautiful.


You can also put out a blackboard in the form of a Christmas item. For example, it could be shaped like a boot or snowman, and you can write different messages every day.

You can hang it on the door or have it stand up on the floor. It’s a fun idea that kids will love, and you can use it to reinforce values like sharing.

Under the stars, one more light

Of course, you can’t forget about lights! The older colored ones have given way to white lights or single-colored. They give a much more beautiful and elegant atmosphere.

You can hang some in the windows, put others between plants, and even wrap them around your porch. Then, you can have a nice and cozy atmosphere.

A great idea is to prepare a snack on the porch if you have time. Take the opportunity to have a nice tablecloth, fill the table with candles, pineapples and gold. Then, bake a nice homemade chocolate cake and enjoy it with your family in the light of the candles. Surely, your family will never forget it.

6 Ideas to Decorate Your Yard for Christmas

Use wood in all its forms

Another idea is to decorate your yard with a table, covered with a red tablecloth. Then, add some ornaments, candles, garlands, etc. You’ll be ready to welcome all your guests. You can also use some planks and sticks to create a unique Christmas tree.

There are many ideas and different ways to decorate the outside of your home. Anything goes, but try not to overdo it, just like you wouldn’t inside your house.



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