Disneyland Paris, an Unforgettable Trip to Enjoy with Your Family

Disneyland Paris is much more than an amusement park. Up next, we'll discover all of the possibilities it offers. 
Disneyland Paris, an Unforgettable Trip to Enjoy with Your Family

Last update: 07 February, 2020

When thinking about amusement parks, Disneyland Paris is one of the first that comes to mind. However, this park is much more than that. As soon as you pass through its doors, you’ll find yourself in a world of fantasy and magic that both adults and children will enjoy equally.

It’s an unforgettable trip to enjoy with your family, regardless of how much of a fan you are of the attractions.

Disneyland Paris, an unforgettable trip

Up next, we’ll show you a series of activities to enjoy in the park for people of all ages; leaving aside the countless rides you can get on. Are you ready?

Meet the Disney characters

As the name implies, Disneyland Paris is the amusement park that brings together all the characters from Walt Disney’s most famous films. For this reason, you’ll be able to find different characters throughout the park so you can take pictures with them. Moreover, the little ones can get a signature from one of their favorite characters.

Disneyland Paris, an Unforgettable Trip to Enjoy with Your Family

To find the characters, you have two options:

  • Go visit the park and reach out to the ones that appear spontaneously.
  • Review the park guide, which will point out the places in the park where you can find specific characters.

Enjoy the amazing shows

Without a doubt, one of the top attractions in Disneyland Paris are its shows. In the guide we mentioned before, you’ll find the places and schedules to enjoy all of them and not miss out on any of them.

The staging and details of each one make them special, so we advise you to enjoy as many as you can. Regardless of the theme, all of them are worth it.

Discover every detail of its decoration

As we indicated in the beginning, as soon as you enter through the doors, the park transmits fantasy, magic, and wonder. This is all due to the many details in all of the decorations; both in its streets and stores, as well as in each of the attractions.

Besides the usual decoration, on special dates, they furnish the park with the motifs that characterize that particular celebration. Halloween, Christmas, or different theme campaigns are some of the holidays when the park shines with special decorations.

Any time of the year is ideal to enjoy this unforgettable family trip. However, if you have the opportunity, we advise you to visit it during Christmas, the most magical time of the year.

Discover the moments you’ll enjoy the most on your trip to Disneyland Paris

Even though you’ll completely enjoy all the time you spend at Disneyland Paris, in our opinion, there are two key moments during the day that will make you not want to blink for a single instant.

The parade of characters

As the evening comes closer, the streets of the amusement park start to fill up because the people in the park come to see the parade. There are many floats of the most outstanding Disney movies, as well as their characters onboard. Music, color, characters, and large floats will leave the adults and children speechless.

Disneyland Paris, an Unforgettable Trip to Enjoy with Your Family

The fireworks at night

To end the day, Disneyland puts the best finishing touch to a fantastic day of touring the park. Without a doubt, it’s one of the things that you should definitely not miss out on during your trip to the park.

Before closing, when it gets dark, you must stand in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle; where fireworks, movie soundtracks, and movie images will appear on the show itself. The kids will rediscover each of the films that they’ve seen hundreds of times. Moreover, the adults will reminisce about their childhood memories.

More things about Disneyland Paris

If you thought this was all the park could offer you, you were very wrong! During your visit to Disneyland, you can enjoy fantastic breakfasts with the Disney characters or with the princesses in the movies. You can also have lunch or dinner in the different themed restaurants scattered throughout the venue.

In addition, for the true lovers of this magical world, visiting the stores that are inside the park must also be an essential activity.

If you get tired at any time of the day, you can also enjoy a nice ride in the means of transportation you wish: horse carriage, boat, or train. Who can deny that Disneyland is a place full of magic and wonder?

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