What Does It Mean to Dream that You're Pregnant?

Our dreams tend to be a reflection of our problems, thoughts and desires. They can also symbolize what's going on inside of us. In today's article, we'll look at what it means to dream that you're pregnant.
What Does It Mean to Dream that You're Pregnant?

Last update: 23 August, 2019

If you’ve ever woken up with the surprise of having had a dream that you’re pregnant, you can relax. It doesn’t mean you’re repressing your maternal instinct. This type of dream usually symbolizes personal growth and development. It can be translated into certain aspects of your own personality entering into a new phase.

Contrary to what many people think, dreaming about pregnancy has nothing to do with an actual desire to have a baby. So, if you find yourself having the dream over and over again, then your mind may be trying to tell you something.

What does it mean to dream that you’re pregnant?

If you dream that you’re pregnant, it may be a sign of a real problem. These types of dreams can mean that you should be creative in some area of your life. It may have to do with your profession, your personal life, etc. Or, the opposite may be true – it can mean that something isn’t working right and requires some special attention.

It may be hard to believe, but dreaming that you’re expecting has nothing to do with children. Rather, visualizing that you’re having an unplanned pregnancy or that you give birth to something monstrous can indicate a lack of confidence. 

In the same way, dreaming about a happy and healthy pregnancy can be an indication of your own excitement about something in your life.

Dreaming that you’re pregnant can also be a signal that you need to channel your energy elsewhere. In fact, people who dream frequently about pregnancy often have had missed opportunities in the past or unmet goals that they’ve buried deep inside.

In this sense, making changes in your life may be the best solution. Your dream is letting you know that you’re not content with your current situation.

Potential and hope

Dreaming that you’re pregnant can be a bit shocking, but it’s important to keep in ind that most dreams have some sort of meaning. Within a dream, pregnancy symbolizes the concepts of potential and hope.

This may refer to a secret that you’re cultivating, an unexpressed desire or the hope to pursue a way of life you haven’t achieved as of yet.

What Does It Mean to Dream that You're Pregnant?

For example, it’s possible to dream about pregnancy when you’re formulating and developing a new creative project. This type of nocturnal visualization can also occur when a person is taking a new direction in life, like taking a class, changing careers or starting a new relationship.

At the same time, dreaming that you’re pregnant can also encourage us to consider a maternal role. If the image repeats itself, it may be nature’s way of telling you that there’s something in your life you need to resolve.

Don’t forget that recurring dreams have a different dimension than those that are isolated or occur every once in a while. So, if this is something you dream about repeatedly, you may need to consider what the dream contains and why it’s coming back.

While most dreams about pregnancy have positive meanings, they can also have a negative connotation. Sometimes they may represent something very important for you that hasn’t been successful, despite making a great deal of effort.

“Dreaming about pregnancy has nothing to do with an actual desire to have a baby. So, if you find yourself having the dream over and over again, then your mind may be trying to tell you something.”

Interpreting dreams about being pregnant

Some individuals experience feelings of sadness in relation to dreams about pregnancy. If that’s the case, you may be going through something that makes you feel nostalgic about your family or childhood.

Dreaming about becoming a mother or being pregnant can also serve to prepare you for a time of loneliness, a broken relationship or a loss.

If you’re happy when you wake up from this kind of dream, this is an important sign. If you also experience peace, tranquility, optimism or happiness, then good things are to come.

Perhaps these dreams mean that positive changes are about to take place in your life. The baby may represent innocence, happiness and purity. The best thing you can do is face your challenges with courage in order to grow and encounter new adventures

What Does It Mean to Dream that You're Pregnant?

Besides all of the above, when you have these dreams, stay calm and listen to your mind. Intuition often perceives which areas of your life may be turned off. When you know what you need to change, take control of your decisions.

As you’ve observed, dreams are a very powerful way to obtain information about ourselves. In this case, dreaming that you’re pregnant can have to do with creativity and the birth of new ideas. 

At the same time, however, on some rare occasions,  dreaming about pregnancy can mean that you really are pregnant. However, we regret to inform you that this isn’t usually the case.

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