Charitable Gifts to Spread Happiness!

Charitable gifts have become a very original way to surprise the people we love the most. At the same time, we're benefiting the causes that need it the most.
Charitable Gifts to Spread Happiness!

Last update: 06 April, 2021

On special occasions, we love to surprise those we love the most with gifts that fill them with joy and let them know how much they mean to us. But how about contributing to a good cause at the same time? Without a doubt, charitable gifts are a great option.

Not only will we be bringing a smile to the people who are most important to us, but we’ll also be doing our bit to help those who need it the most, to contribute to a good cause, or simply to make the planet a better place. Read on to discover some ideas for gifts that will really make a difference.

Why give charitable gifts?

Charitable Gifts to Spread Happiness!

Whether it’s because we want to surprise someone, because there’s something to celebrate, or because we want to remember a significant date, when we give a gift, above all, we want to make the other person feel special.

However, when we choose to give charitable gifts (sometimes called solidarity gifts), as well as making the receiver very happy, we’re also contributing to a cause that’s important to us. This could be to support women, help the environment, contribute to disease research, provide access to education for vulnerable communities, or many other worthy causes.

As we make our purchase, the money we pay becomes a source of funding to support communities and projects that need a little extra help. That’s why charitable gifts have become a very special and unique option that we should take into account when we want to surprise our loved ones.

So, take a look at our ideas and we’re sure you’ll find a cause that you’d like to support.

Ideas for charitable gifts

For the little ones

The Coconut Water Foundation is devoted to international cooperation, awareness and education for development in Madagascar, Cambodia, and Spain. They work in three fundamental areas: education, health, and the environment, and carry out their work through different projects in these three countries.

If you have a look at their online store you’ll find a lot of charitable gifts for all tastes. We’ve selected a few that really caught our attention.

  • Tin bicycles. These really are beautiful objects. These bicycles are made by Malagasy artisans from recycled aluminum cans.
  • Recycled balls. This is a ball that really helps to protect the environment, and is made with ropes and reused plastic bags. Most importantly of all, it empowers many underprivileged women.
  • Embroidered cases. The art of hand embroidery is widespread among the women of Madagascar. They use it mainly to decorate or make clothes, sheets, and towels. Most of the material used is of local origin.

Charitable gifts for mom

You’ve certainly heard of Amnesty International, an organization that defends people’s rights all around the world. On their website, you can find many ways to collaborate and there are plenty of articles for sale too. We’ve picked out a couple of articles to give you a taste of what’s on offer.

  • Water can. This has the print of a work entitled El Abrazo (The Hug), created by Juan Genovés. It’s a 24 fl oz water bottle that you can take with you wherever you go. It’s ideal for the gym, the mountains, or the beach.
  • Feminist t-shirts. You’ll also find several designs of T-shirts with motifs to support women. They’re available in different colors and sizes.
Charitable Gifts to Spread Happiness!

For the home

For animal lovers, there are plenty of online stores and we recommend you check out the ones available in your country. We picked out one that originates in Spain – the Foundation for Advice and Action in Defense of Animals (FAADA).

Their purpose is to guarantee animal rights and they seek to do so through social, legal, and educational means. Some interesting charitable gifts that they have on offer are the following:

  • Designer mugs. All the mugs in their online store have beautiful exclusive drawings by Roger Olmos. You’ll find really unique mugs, ideal for a cup of tea or coffee, and, at the same time, you’ll be helping animals in need.
  • Aprons. If you want to give a gift to someone who enjoys cooking, then you’ll certainly love their fun aprons.

In short, charitable gifts have become a very original idea when it comes to surprising those we love the most. When we show that person how much they mean to us, we’ll be doing the same to needy people or animals around the world at the same time.


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