7 Children's Movies About Respecting the Environment

Write down the titles of these 7 children's films about respecting the environment and discover how cinema helps to create a better world.
7 Children's Movies About Respecting the Environment
Pedro González Núñez

Written and verified by the child educator Pedro González Núñez.

Last update: 17 March, 2023

Caring for the environment is everyone’s job. Children, from their earliest childhood, can learn the importance of enjoying a balanced and clean world. A good tool for this is the cinema. For this reason, we want to recommend these 7 children’s films about respecting the environment.

Encouraging respect for the environment means also encouraging respect for oneself, for everything around us, for our family and friends, for our pets, and for the world that gives us everything we need to live and develop.

That’s why it’s so important to teach children to respect and protect the environment. Given that an always interesting formula is through entertainment and play, we believe that cinema is an excellent vehicle in this case.

An image of Pocahontas from the Disney Movie
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Discover children’s films to respect the environment

Given the importance of respecting the environment, understanding this as a value that should be instilled from early childhood, let’s see which films can help children to take an interest in this subject.

Since the United Nations established January 26th as World Environmental Education Day in 1975, the world of cinema seems to have become aware of this need. Therefore, many interesting modern films have emerged, such as those that we’ll present below.

Wall-E (2008), one of the best children’s films about respecting the environment

A modern classic that always appears on these lists. The little garbage robot Wall-E inhabits the Earth in solitude while he cleans it and searches for life to make it habitable again. The sensitivity of this little machine will make your kids empathize with the robot and understand the need to take care of the planet, not to be sedentary, and not to gamble with excessive consumerism.

The Lorax (2012)

This film tells the story of the Lorax, a character who protects the forests and who, one day, has to face an overly ambitious person who wants to profit by cutting down all the trees. Hence, he has to fight to prevent the deforestation of the valley where he lives.

Finding Nemo (2003)

The story of Marlin, the clown fish who desperately searches for Nemo, his son, has won the hearts of millions of children and adults. It also sends a wonderful message to young children to learn to respect all the species that inhabit this world. Children discover the need to take care of the seabed, collaborate with others, and show solidarity.

Bambi (1942), another of the best children’s films about respecting the environment

Bambi and his friends.
© Walt Disney Productions

Bambi is one of the films that has remained in the memories of parents, children, and even grandparents. An unforgettable classic that dealt with such burning issues today as poaching and human error.

Pocahontas (1995)

Although the film was released just over 20 years ago, it has already become a Disney classic. It’s based on the true story of Pocahontas, the daughter of the Indian chief Powhatan, who falls in love with an English settler. Love arises between the two in a natural environment in which the protagonists discover the beauty of nature and the need to avoid human imperialism.

Princess Mononoke (1997)

We continue with one of the most beautiful animated films in history. In it, we can discover the struggle between humans who desecrate and abuse the resources of a forest and the supernatural guardians who try to protect them, showing the complex role that nature plays in our lives and the need to respect the environment.

Over the Hedge (2006)

It tells the story of a group of animals whose peace is interrupted by the arrival of humans who destroy their natural habitat. However, fear will give way to trust, since they can understand each other.

These 7 children’s movies about respecting the environment are ideal for children to watch with their parents while enjoying quality time together. Let’s make the world a more livable place for children and adults alike!

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