3 University Degrees in Social Services

University degrees in social services are becoming more and more in demand. In the following article, we'll show you a few different options that you or your children might want to study.
3 University Degrees in Social Services

Last update: 19 August, 2019

Social workers have a very important role in improving society. These professionals help find solutions to life’s challenges. In this article, we’re going to show you some university degrees in social services that you or your children might like.

Who do you want to help with a degree in social services?

Before choosing one, you should ask yourself this question. There are many different university degrees in social services. This field has several options. It depends on the type of degree you or your child is looking for. In addition, think about your career goals and interests.

It’s important to choose your career or degree depending on the type of people you want to help. It also depends on the work environment you want.

Social services let you work in different environments. For example, you could work in schools, boarding schools, prisons, centers for people with disabilities, nursing homes, integration companies and more.

3 University Degrees in Social Services

What university degrees for social services exist?

Here are three degrees for social services that you or your children might like:

1. Degree in Social Education

Mainly, social educators help form relationships with people of all ages. It’s a job where you need a sense of responsibility and a real interest in society.

Social educators are constantly with children, teens and adults with physical or mental disabilities, social difficulties or behavioral problems.

A degree in Social Education needs people who are creative, patient, supportive, and committed to helping people and social issues. Additionally, they’re professionals who usually work with other people like psychologists or teachers.

2. Degree in Early Childhood Education

Teachers work to help children in their first years of school. They help children develop social, motor and cognitive skills.

Early childhood teachers must possess or improve the qualities that will motivate kids. In addition, it’s important that they’re passionate about children and believe in what they do. Also, they need to have empathy. They have to understand and help kids with their feelings.

3 University Degrees in Social Services

3. Psychology degree

Finally, a psychology degree is one of the most demanding careers in social services. If you like learning about how people think and really care about others, you might want to be a psychologist.

In addition to being able to communicate well and being a good listener, balance is important for all psychologists, no matter what their specialty is. In different places, psychologists need to balance emotion and reasoning while working.

Additionally, it’s important to know how to differentiate between your private and professional lives. The goal is not to let your work life affect your home life.

Finally, don’t forget that social work is more than just availability, attention, listening and solving hard problems. It’s purely vocational work.

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