How to Decorate with Feng Shui?

How to Decorate with Feng Shui?

Last update: 16 June, 2018

Is there something that simply doesn’t fit in your home? Why don’t you give Feng Shui decoration a try? A few details can make big changes.

Surely you’ve heard about Feng Shui. It’s an ancient methodology that comes from China and suggests adapting our environment to favor harmony.

In this article we’ve prepared a few tips on how to decorate your home according to Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is an integral method that covers all of the aspects we need to keep in mind when decorating a space – from the location of the furniture to the color of the walls and the lighting and placement of mirrors and accessories.

Some people relate Feng Shui to a religion, however nothing is further from the truth. Feng Shui doesn’t require home owners to light candles, however you can do so if you wish to.

Tips for decorating according to Feng Shui

  1. The first thing is cleaning

Feng Shui emphasizes the flow of energy. If there are any elements in your house that block the circulation of energy, you’ll have to get rid of them.

How can you find out if an element is blocking energy? It’s easy: start with things that you never use. You don’t have to discard them, just move them to a place where you won’t see them.

Organization is an essential factor to achieve harmony and balance. Get rid of everything that you don’t feel comfortable with in your house.

  1. Light as a source of energy

According to Feng Shui, natural light is a source of energy. That’s why it’s important to have windows, doors and curtains that allow for the entry of sunlight.

In addition, it’s important to place lamps, candles and other lighting fixtures in order to avoid darkness at night. Darkness should only be reserved for when we’re going to sleep.

How to Decorate with Feng Shui?
  1. Bedroom should be synonymous with rest

As with the other aspects considered above, you should remove everything from your room that you don’t feel comfortable with or things that disturb your rest.

In other words, items such as televisions, computers and cellphones should not be kept in the bedroom.

If for some reason you have to have your cellphone at hand at night, don’t leave it on the bedside table. It’s better to use old-school alarm clocks. They can also act as alarms and they have the advantage that they don’t send out electromagnetic waves.

There are also some Feng Shui recommendations for your bed. Your bed should be diagonally opposite the door and it shouldn’t be behind a window.

  1. Colors

Experts in Feng Shui decoration say it’s better to opt for light colors such as pastel tones. They recommend these tones because they complement many different decoration options.

In addition, walls that have intense colors can overload the senses which make them tedious for day-to-day life.

Another benefit of these light-colored tones is that they reflect light. The color of the walls can be modified depending on the room’s use.

“Feng Shui is an integral method that covers all of the aspects we need to keep in mind when decorating a space.”

  1. The living room, a place to socialize

Being the space in which we meet with family and friends, the chairs should be the protagonist of these rooms. Try to place them at angles, not face to face. This way, communication will occur in a more fluid manner.

Light from candles and fireplaces are also welcome in this space. You can even add a few paintings or pictures. According to Feng Shui, fire fulfills the function of encouraging positive emotions.

  1. Bathroom privacy

The bathroom is a fundamental space in the house and it shouldn’t be in full view. Bathrooms should be able to conserve the privacy of whoever uses it.

Keep the bathroom tidy and remove any objects that impede the flow of energy. You can keep perfume bottles, creams and other colorful objects out of view.

How to Decorate with Feng Shui?
  1. Entrance

The corridor next to the house’s entrance is also known as the hall. It should be harmonious and beautiful. You can reserve a nice piece of furniture or decoration for this space.

Remember that the hallway is the first impression a guest will get of your house. Make sure that it’s always tidy and organized.

In conclusion, it’s worth mentioning that Feng Shui doesn’t establish rigid rules. On the contrary, it allows for modifications that fit the needs and characteristics of a particular space.

If you decide to decorate your house according to Feng Shui, you’ll surely notice the change it will make in your mood.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.