10 Snow Games to Play as a Family

Snow games can be fun for the whole family to play together. Just make sure to bundle up! 
10 Snow Games to Play as a Family

Last update: 23 February, 2019

Going outside and playing snow games as a family can be a wonderful experience for children and parents alike.

Kids love throwing snowballs and making snowmen. Here are 10 snow games that are sure to be a good time.

Remember that it’s important to only touch the snow with gloves so little children don’t get cold hands. Also be sure to wrap them up warmly with water-resistant clothing.

Although it may not seem like it in the moment, a snowball fight can soak kids. This can lead to catching cold.

10 fun snow games for the whole family

Whether you get snow where you live or go on a trip to the mountains to enjoy the snow, don’t miss the chance to play with your kids. You’ll create wonderful memories!

1. Make a snowman

10 Snow Games to Play as a Family

Let’s start with the most basic game. We all know this one, but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. Who doesn’t want to make a snowman?

The fun lies in gathering up the snow to make the body, and looking for the pieces to make the eyes, mouth, clothes, etc. A carrot for the nose, some dead branches for the arms, a scarf, and a pair of pine cones for the eyes will all help bring a snowman to life.

2. Snowball fight

Of all the snow games out there, this is perhaps the most popular and fun. It doesn’t need much explanation, you just make snowballs as fast as you can and throw them at your opponent (whether it’s one person or a team). The objective? Dodge as many snowballs as possible.

Be sure to teach your children not to throw snowballs at people’s faces, and to stay a certain distance apart. This will help avoid any problems.

3. From the beach to the snow

Have you noticed that practically anything you can do in sand, you can also do in the snow. Bring buckets and spades and try to make a castle. 

You can take inspiration from the movie Frozen or any other children’s story you know. You’ll see how fun and beautiful your snowy creations can be!

4. Treasure hunt

It can be really fun to do a little treasure hunt in the snow. To give it a little extra touch, make the treasure colored ice cubes. You can organize teams and, at the end, tally up how many each person found.

5. Sledding, a classic

10 Snow Games to Play as a Family

No snow trip is complete without the adrenaline from throwing yourself down a slope on a sled. If you don’t have one, don’t worry. You can find them for a very low price, or even rent them.

There are even DIY options. The important thing is to find a gradual hill, and don’t leave children alone. 

6. Colored snow

Mix water with food coloring in bottles. You can bring various colors to make it more fun. Make a hole in the lid so you can squirt out the water and use it to draw with colors in the snow.

7. Build an igloo

Try to build an igloo. It’s not easy, but it can be very fun. Maybe you’ll even be able to go inside!

8. Re-create a story

Do you remember Hansel and Gretel? A trip through the mountains can give you a lot to work with. Invite the kids to leave a trail to “know” how to find their way home. 

You’re certainly not going to act like the characters in the story and leave breadcrumbs, because bird might eat them. It’s better to use branches, rocks, or something else from nature. But don’t leave trash!

9. Trackers

10 Snow Games to Play as a Family

Another game that’s fun to play as you walk through the mountains is trying to identify tracks you see in the snow – whether they’re people, dogs, cars, and who knows, maybe some more interesting animal.

10. The mouse, the cat, and the snow-thrower

This is a game for a large group. The more people, the better. Start by choosing three players: the mouse, the cat, and the snow-thrower. The rest of the players hold hands in a circle.

The mouse goes inside the circle, with the cat outside. The snow-thrower stands a few meters away. The cat tries to get into the circle to eat the mouse, while the people in the circle try to stop the cat. The snow-thrower throws snowballs to distract them and help the cat.


Snow games can be fun for the whole family, so don’t hold back. Let yourself get carried away! Just make sure to bundle up and stay warm. Also, always wear waterproof clothes and appropriate shoes, which is the only way to truly enjoy the day and avoid catching cold.

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