Things that Happen When You Live Far from Your Mother

Things that Happen When You Live Far from Your Mother

Last update: 04 May, 2018

Living far away from your mother makes you feel different emotions. No matter how old you are or what the situation is, at some point you’ll miss her.

The intensity of longing will surely vary according to your personal experiences, the distance between you two and the circumstances that life presents.

Certainly what is missing in a mother’s absence are the daily details. When you become independent and feel that you’re the pillar of your family or your home, you realize that you have to take on many of the responsibilities that your mother had before.

When you’re away from your mother, she’s in your thoughts every day, and this happens because she’s simply one of the people that you love most in the world.

She’s the one who is always thinking about you. No matter how old you are, she’ll always ask you if you’re eating well and how you’re doing at work. She’ll do everything possible to be present in your life.

Being away from your mother makes you see life in a totally different way.

When you live far away from your mother…

When you live in the same city as your mother, you don’t feel that far away. You know you can call her when you need her and see her in a matter of minutes.

But when you leave your state or country and don’t know if you’ll be able to visit her soon, that is when you really realize that you won’t be able to enjoy her presence as much as you want.

Things that Happen When You Live Far from Your Mother

Imagining that you cannot enjoy a simple coffee with her or call her to accompany you to the doctor will make you realize that you miss her more than you thought.

Being sick doesn’t have the same cure

When you’re sick, you understand that often your mother, although she wasn’t a doctor, managed to calm you down because she’s the person who knows you better than anyone.

All mothers know how to take care of each of their children in an individualized way. They know what each child needs in order to feel their best.

Important dates are experienced differently

Your mother has been the one to always be by your side to celebrate all your achievements. She has been the one to prepare many of your birthdays, Christmases and the best family holidays.

Therefore, when a certain date approaches, you’ll inevitably think about it and how this year will be different for many reasons.

Phone calls multiply

Your mother will always be interested to hear how you’re doing. No matter what you want to tell her, she’ll always be willing to spend a few minutes with you on the phone.

Maybe you weren’t aware of how much you talked to your mother before leaving home. We often fail to value what we’re used to.

It doesn’t matter that you’re far away; you can continue to ask for advice and help about anything in the house or how to raise your children.

That’s why, even when you leave your hometown, phone and video calls become your best allies.

Things that Happen When You Live Far from Your Mother

You realize everything your mother did for you at home

If you’re a young, single person and leave home and become independent, you’ll notice many of the things that your mother did for you in silence without expecting anything in return.

The work of a mother at home often goes unnoticed. The clothes don’t iron themselves, cooking isn’t as easy as it seems, and cleaning is a task that often has no end.

When you have your own home, you’ll understand the sacrifice that it takes to be orderly and clean, because now it will be your responsibility.

You want her to be proud of you

One of your life goals is to make your mother feel proud of you. You’ll want to show her that you’re also capable of being independent, of carrying out your own life, of being a good wife and of even being a good mother.

The role of a mother is irreplaceable and, although many times we don’t value it properly, the day will come when you’ll have your own children, and all those feelings will be spontaneously born in you.

Then you’ll understand that being a mother is much easier than it seems.

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