Sleepless nights: A mother's dedication to her child

Sleepless nights: A mother's dedication to her child

Last update: 11 November, 2017

A mother’s sleepless nights seem to be eternal. A dedicated mother doesn’t usually have much time to rest; sleep is a luxury. From the moment you begin to feel life in your womb, until the time your children are adults, mothers spend their nights in vigil.

Without a doubt, each child has his own guardian angel. But in this case, we’re not talking about the supernatural, but rather something – or someone – tangible. To be precise, someone that’s right by his side.

In this article, we want to take a moment to recognize and value the efforts of every mother. Mothers invest days, months and years of sleepless nights in dedication to their children. 

The sleepless nights of a pregnant mother

A mother’s sleepless nights begin during pregnancy and are present in each stage of her child’s development. This is especially true when the baby reaches the last stages of gestation, when the fetus will spend long nights without giving mommy a moment’s rest.

Why are mothers so prone to insomnia while pregnant? During the night, the restless movements of their nocturnal babies become more and more frequent. And of course, the aches and pains of advanced pregnancy also play an important role.

The sleeplessness that follows the arrival of a newborn

The baby has arrived! But even though joy and excitement abound in your home, nighttime hasn’t changed. Phrases like “She won’t let me sleep” or I don’t even have time to sleep” are repeated over and over again by new mothers around the world.

This should come as no surprise as the first months of your little one’s life are difficult for any mother. They imply a series of changes and a considerable amount of learning. Newborn babies wake up frequently and cry inconsolably.

mom and baby lying on the couch

Is he hungry? Is she too warm? Does he need a diaper change? You try everything and nothing seems to calm your baby except your own two arms. Just the same, a new period  has begun in which a mother submits herself purely and exclusively to concern for her baby’s well-being.

As your child continues to grow up…

Your little one is growing up. Without a doubt, many areas have begun to flow more smoothly, but other factors arise to keep you awake at night. Before you know it, your child will cut his first teeth, begin to eat solid foods, start to crawl, and even take his first steps. 

During this stage, you will notice and appreciate a glorious fact: Your baby will sleep peacefully for longer periods of time! In fact, if you are an especially fortunate mother, your child will even sleep through the night. This is a monumental event for both baby and mama!

And then comes a new chapter of sleepless nights for mom: “She doesn’t want to go to sleep!” Hours and hours go by and you’re a prisoner to your own unquenched exhaustion. Your child refuses to give in to her sleepiness even after a long day of fun and games.

Your nighttime routine of a warm bath followed by a bedtime story, a lullaby, hugs, kisses and snuggles no longer does the trick. No matter how hard you work to wear out your child so he will fall asleep, all you get is the opposite. Your little one has more energy than ever. He wants to play, to escape from his room… he even wants to jump on the bed!

mothers' sleepless nights

Other things that provoke sleeplessness for mothers

Surely you are thinking we forgot to mention the times your child is sick. Those endless nights spent taking your child’s temperature or observing her cough, rash, etc. When our children are under the weather, they need our time and attention more than ever, around the clock.

A mother‘s sleeplessness is activated any time her child is ill, no matter how old her beloved little one is.  “I can’t get to sleep” becomes our motto during those times of hypervigilance that keep us awake and attentive to any concerning symptom our children may have.

And yes, as your child gets older, you come to face a whole new class of worries. Your teen starts to go out with friends. It doesn’t matter if he’s attending his first party or his tenth, you’ll spend long nocturnal hours with your eyes wide open. In fact, you won’t even go to bed at all. You know that even trying to sleep is a lost cause.

“Bye mom, I’m going out with friends. Don’t wait up for me.” So what’s your plan tonight? Gallons of coffee, watching a movie and, of course, a clock nearby so you can see what time it is. Sleeping? Mission impossible.

However, despite so many sleepless nights, moms still give their all in order to raise their children. Out of pure and unconditional love, these “guardian angels” watch over their little ones day and night, caring for them in each stage of their development. A standing ovation for all you amazing moms!

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