Tips for Traveling in an RV with Children

Traveling in an RV with children can be the most incredible experience a family can have. As long as you're well organized and keep several key factors in mind, everything will be perfect.
Tips for Traveling in an RV with Children
María José Roldán

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Written by Yamila Papa

Last update: 27 December, 2022

Are you looking for a new idea for your next family vacation? Then consider taking a road trip and traveling in an RV with your children! It will be a unique, unforgettable and wonderful experience that will bring you all closer together.

Why travel in an RV with your family?

Traveling in an RV – or recreational vehicle – is a fabulous idea when you have small children. While many think it’s too complicated, this is actually the best stage to really enjoy the experience to the fullest .

Perhaps you can’t all agree on the same vacation destination, or maybe you’re just a very adventurous family. Or, you might like the idea of camping but want something a little more comfortable than a tent and sleeping bag.

Traveling in an RV with children is similar to being at home, thanks to the comfort that recreational vehicles offer. However, you get the freedom of waking up every day somewhere new, and with a different view.

Many families complain about the excess luggage that comes with going on vacation with children. However, when traveling in an RV, this isn’t an issue. Just load up and let the fun begin .

Another advantage to traveling in an RV is that you can prepare your own meals. This allows for a great deal of savings. What’s more, it gives you greater control over what your children eat and keep them from filling up on junk food on their vacation.

In this day and age, we can find many different types of recreational vehicles. Many include all the comforts that you can think of and offer the sensation of being at home. In fact, there are options that include cribs for babies and beds with different sizes for children of different ages.

Traveling in an RV with Children

Tips for traveling in an RV with children

If you’re convinced you want to travel in an RV with your kids, then we recommend keeping the following tips in mind.  They’ll help you get organized and have an amazing stay:

1. Choosing your vehicle

First, you’ll want to decide if you want to hitch a trailer to your own car or truck, or take a motorhome.

Trailers tend to be more affordable, whether you’re looking to buy or looking to rent. Another advantage is the fact that you can leave the trailer temporarily in a campground or parking lot and drive shorter distances back and forth in your car.

Motorhomes, however, are often larger and more comfortable. Also, you can enjoy their comfort and commodities even while driving, rather than having to pack into your car.

You should base your choice on how may people are traveling and what their ages are. Some come with beds that turn into couches, and some have separate bedrooms. The traditional model for families comes with a matrimonial bed and bunk beds.

2. Take everything you need

We’re not just talking about clothing, but also food and activities to do while traveling. For example, you may want to bring along card games, board games, toys, coloring books, etc.

Recreational vehicles usually come equipped with all you need to make breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner without having to go out – as long as you have the ingredients.

“Traveling in an RV with children is similar to being at home, thanks to the comfort that recreational vehicles offer. However, you get the freedom of waking up every day somewhere new, and with a different view.”

3. Clean and organized

Given that space is reduced, cleanliness and order will be fundamental while traveling in an RV with children. For example, you’ll likely need to establish a routine each morning and evening of setting up and taking down the beds.

At the same time, you should store everything in its place to avoid accidents. Before heading out, make sure that all compartments (cupboards and drawers) are closed and secured. 

Otherwise you run the risk of objects falling out, breaking, or causing injury if your vehicle makes any abrupt movements.

4. Play without the internet

One of the greatest challenges of traveling in an RV with children is entertaining them while driving from one place to the next. While you can also resort to cell phones and tablets, you’re better off taking this opportunity to play as a family 

Board games and card games are a great option at nighttime, before the kids go to bed. You can also organize contests and other activities that your kids can play when you’re on the road (with highway signs, billboards, cars, distances, etc).

Finally, when planning on traveling in an RV with your children, we recommend choosing destinations that are suitable for this kind of vehicle. Some great US destinations include Yellowstone National Park, Redwood National Park and Crater Lake National Park, and the Grand Canyon.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out your maps and start planning!

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