6 Water Games for Children to Enjoy During Summer

Do you remember how happy you were in your childhood, enjoying the heat under the sun with your friends? Offer your children these excellent ideas to spend fun afternoons with their classmates.
6 Water Games for Children to Enjoy During Summer

Last update: 18 March, 2019

Summer evenings are the ideal moments for children to spend time with friends while playing outdoors. Whether or not you’re fortunate to have a pool to cool off in, it’s a great idea for parents to suggest fun activities, like these water games for children.

Almost all children like summertime. Unlike other seasons, it offers different, highly entertaining games to play. An example of this is the water games for children that we’ll highlight below.

6 water games for children

1. Water slide

It’s the traditional water game that we’ve all played at some point in time. It consists of placing a piece of plastic or canvas on the floor and covering it with soap and water.

This will cause the surface to become extremely slippery and if there’s a slope, the fun will multiply. Use it to create a water slide that will entertain your children and their friends!

2. Games with water balloons

Water balloons offer a great variety of options as far as recreational activities go. For example, you can play the game where you pass the balloons between participants that are located at a relatively large distance from each other; inside or outside of the pool.

In this game, the constant threat of the balloon exploding in someone’s hands will generate an exciting tension. Another very entertaining option is to play the classic war game. This is extremely fun when there are many participants and an appropriate place to run and hide.

Remember, if you play these games in the pool, you must clean the remains of the balloons left over. Otherwise, they may get stuck in the water filters.

6 Water Games for Children

3. Marco Polo

The best thing about this game is that children can play it on land and in the water as well. You must blindfold a player who will go in search of the other players that are in constant movement. Keep in mind that every time the searcher shouts “Marco,” the others must answer “Polo” to give a clue of their location.

4. Water limbo

This game is quite similar to traditional limbo. The difference is that instead of using a stick, you must cross under a water stream. As you can see, it’s extremely simple: a participant, preferably an adult, will be in charge of holding the hose that will shoot out the stream.

Meanwhile, the children will line up to go one by one under the stream. Add music to guarantee this summer’s entertainment!

5. Words with ice

Undoubtedly, this game can become a summer hit, as long as there are enough children to participate in it. Here’s how you play: the children must form a circle and a bucket is placed in the center. The bucket should contain ice cubes and toy water guns.

An adult or one of the children stays in the center of the circle with the bucket. The other children should be in pairs and at the signal, a member or each team runs towards the center. There, they’ll collect an ice cube and the child in the center will say a word to them.

After that, they have to run to where their partners are and use the ice to write on their backs the word they heard, letter by letter. When a player that doesn’t know the word guesses it, the other participant can run to the center and look for a water gun as a reward.

All that remains is to take advantage of the remaining time to get everyone wet before the end!

6 Water Games for Children

6. Fill the bucket

This is a classic and entertaining water game. It consists of filling a bucket of water, which must be empty at first, using small plastic bottles that are filled in a faraway place. For example, you can place a bucket full of water at the far end of the patio or pool where they’ll refill the bottles.

If you want it to be more difficult, you can establish the rule that they must carry the bottles on their heads. In this case, it may be a good idea to use jars to make it easier to carry. The reward for the winners will be to empty the bucket full of water on the rival team, it’ll be a very fun competition!

With these simple activities, you’ll have summer fun guaranteed for your little ones. Don’t hesitate to enjoy these excellent activities together and with friends.


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