3 Ways to Entertain Your Baby throughout the Day

When babies are still small, they can't move around on their own, nor can they understand what you say to them. However, your baby will adore spending time with you and feeling you close by.
3 Ways to Entertain Your Baby throughout the Day

Last update: 07 April, 2018

In this article we’d like to share some ideas you can use to entertain your baby throughout the day.

The first stimulation a baby receives is the physical contact of his mother. A baby feels his mother’s soft voice and the warmth of her arms and chest.

However, there are times when your baby will demand more than that. And it’s then that he needs to experience and begin to develop his own abilities.

A need for entertainment

Human beings have an innate need to lead an entertaining life.

Entertainment keeps us alive emotionally, and babies are no exception. Luckily, your baby already has two great options for fun interaction.

First, your baby can get to know her own body. Second, she can explore her surroundings.

Parents can take advantage of these two unknown territories to provide entertainment for their babies.

At this early age, interacting, playing, and having fun will help your little one form a bond with those around her .

If your baby is just a few weeks old, then she’s probably not grasping any objects with her hands yet. And she definitely hasn’t caught on to any games either. 

Therefore, your newborn might get bored or anxious if you’re close by to keep her company and interact.

However, don’t feel overwhelmed with the need to pay attention to your baby every second of every day. Your little one also needs time to just rest and relax.

These times will allow your baby to discover her hands, her feet, etc. She’ll also have time to observe the world around her and process new stimuli.

Ways to entertain your baby

Of course, the more affection you can show your baby, the greater positive effect you will have on his development. Soon enough, he’ll be returning your hugs, smiles and language.

There are several ways to stimulate and entertain your little one. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Your company: You should look for diverse ways to make your presence entertaining and pleasing for your baby. Be careful not to allow your baby to become overwhelmed.
  • Your arms: When your baby is in your arms, he has a better view of what’s going on around him. If something frightens or overwhelms him, you’ll be right there to provide comfort and shelter.
  • Your environment: There will always be new things that your baby can observe and discover.
3 Ways to Entertain Your Baby throughout the Day

Ideas for entertaining your little one

To allow your baby to enjoy the company of friends and family, you can lie her somewhere where she can take part. For example, you can place a portable cradle or crib in the same room with the guests.

You can also lie a blanket down on a rug and allow your baby to observe from the floor. Of course, you should stay nearby to keep her safe.

Remember that it’s not a good idea to keep your little one in her car seat for extended periods of time if sleeping.

Babywearing is also a great way to involve your baby in your daily activities. By using an ergonomic baby carrier to hold your little one close, your movements and heartbeat will remind your baby of time spent in the womb.

At the same time, your baby will observe your actions as if she were watching a live action movie. At this age, everything is a new and exciting discovery.

If whether permits, going for a walk is another excellent idea of an activity you can share with your baby. 

If your baby can already sit up, then going for a walk in a stroller will be especially exciting because she can appreciate the outing from a new perspective.

Another very simple thing you can do to entertain your baby is to move the crib to a new position. This will give your baby a new perspective on her surroundings.

You can also change details in a room’s decor. All of this will be sure to catch your little one’s attention

Additional tips for entertaining your baby

Even with the simple movements that a gentle breeze can produce on a curtain, your little one will be discovering something new. 

The same is true for a ray of light that comes through the blinds, or the sound of birds chirping outdoors.

These are excellent ways to stimulate your baby’s senses and, of course, keep him entertained.

A simple game of shadow making on the wall can also provide exciting entertainment for your baby. Hanging a mobile above your baby’s crib will also capture his gaze.

“By using an ergonomic baby carrier to hold your little one close, your movements and heartbeat will remind your baby of time spent in utero. At the same time, your baby will observe your actions and interaction as if she were watching a live action movie.”

As your child grows, the best toy you can give him is anything he can grasp with his hands. Grabbing onto toys and other objects helps babies develop their sense of touch.

If you switch the objects around, and choose items of different shapes, colors, textures and sizes, then you’ll contribute even more to the development of your little one’s senses.

And of course, your child will love it!

3 Ways to Entertain Your Baby throughout the Day

Entertain your baby with a good book

Last but not least, reading is an excellent way to entertain, stimulate and bond with your children – no matter what their age. 

Nothing will be more attractive than hearing you narrate a story, even if she can’t understand the words or the plot.

Your child will not only focus on your voice and feel comforted, you’ll also be contributing to the development of her senses and feeding a love for reading that will stay with her all her life.

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