The Positive Side of Motherhood's Challenges

The Positive Side of Motherhood's Challenges

Last update: 05 June, 2018

Motherhood is a beautiful new role and a wonderful stage of life. Without a doubt, there are days when the positive side is harder to see. Not enough sleep, being constantly tired, not enough time and too much to do.

However, even in these “challenges” of motherhood, there is always a positive side. Because having a child is a blessing that is manifested even in the things that bother us most. 

The important thing is to be able to discover and value everything about motherhood. In this You Are Mom article we’ll show you how.

Try thinking back over the last few years of your life with those crazy youngsters by your side. You probably feel that they’ve been difficult, exhausting, intense, and hard. But they were also fun, different, and pure growth.

Aren’t you happy with this being that illuminates your tomorrows and every day of your life?

A mother’s love is patient and forgiving
when all others are forsaking,
And it never fails or falters
even though the heart is breaking…

–Helen Rice–

The Positive Side of Motherhood

We associate endless negative things with motherhood, beyond the daily sacrifices and effort that can sometimes be overwhelming. You know them well, and you’re still able to withstand the most extreme emotional storms.

You also know that you can do it better than anyone else, for these reasons:

positive side of motherhood's challenges
  • Experiencing unconditional love. You discover in your heart a new way to love in your life. A love without limits. Eternal, pure, and true, it fills you, and there is no way to control it. It is the most powerful union of hearts and the most intense and special connection possible to experience.
  • Discovering your immense patience. A capacity you were unaware of. You didn’t think you had this virtue in you, but now motherhood is driving you to perfect it. You don’t just know it now, you squeeze every last drop out of it to support your child’s learning. Especially when tantrums come, the time when you educate your child emotionally using this gift.
  • Redefining priorities. Your nails, your hair, your clothes and other feminine concerns aren’t top priorities anymore. Now we put everything related to our children first. Our ultimate goal is their happiness. This is how we know there is something more important than ourselves.
  • Building a future. When you take on motherhood in a responsible way, you look forward to a better tomorrow. Not just for your child, but for all of humanity. You begin to understand the perfection that is right in front of your eyes, which will grow ever more valuable and mean even more in the future.
  • A new perspective on life. Once you become a mother, you begin to see the day to day differently. Life makes sense. You intensely perceive and enjoy each detail of motherhood, this extraordinary moment in a woman’s life. You feel joyful and fortunate in your daily life.

The Other Side of Sacrifice

Many moms right now are probably thinking about the sleepless nights, tantrums, and hyperactivity of having a child. And there’s more. But surely you’re missing the advantages hidden there. Learn to see them!

  • Fewer hours of sleep, more time with you. Long nights trying to calm and console your child. Maybe between cries even losing your patience for a moment. Tired, worn out, and devastated. Calm down, think of the positive: more time to enjoy your child, who only wants the cuddles he loves so much, and that you enjoy giving.
  • Less time alone, more time with the best company. Maybe, on those bad days, having your child underfoot starts to irritate you. But believe me, it is complete proof that you’ll never be alone again. Even better, you now have the best possible company. Unshakable and unconditional like no one else, you now have your biggest fan backing you up.
  • Fussing and tantrums? The best excuse to pamper your child. Even those critical moments when everything seems to be out of control are ideal for building childhoods. Take advantage of the opportunity to build stronger connections, strengthen communication and build emotional intelligence. Above all, take the opportunity to hug and kiss your child.
  • He won’t stay still for a minute! He’s a healthy childWhen you think you have a loud, restless, and rebellious child, consider yourself lucky. If they couldn’t demonstrate their happiness and joy this way, there would be some problem at the root. It’s about seeing the positive side of things.

Motherhood, a Marvelous Place

positive side of motherhood's challenges

Without a doubt, motherhood can require incredible mental, physical, and spiritual strength. What we’re capable of doing when it’s for our little ones is beyond belief. It’s because these youngsters are our source of inspiration and motivation.

You’ll come to realize again what it’s like to live without the social prejudices that are embedded in your mind over the years.

Singing, painting, running, eating marshmallows, dancing in the rain and playing with clay are activities that you won’t stop taking advantage of and enjoying.

See the value in the simplest parts of life with your little ones, which are rich and rare. You learn that value isn’t measured by material worth.

A look of love, your child’s smile in the mornings, a sincere “I love you” with the depth and implacable innocence of a child are worth more than gold.


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