What Is Belly Painting During Pregnancy?

Have you ever considered belly painting during your pregnancy? Find out about it in this article.
What Is Belly Painting During Pregnancy?

Last update: 30 October, 2018

Treating the body like a canvas is a trend that has been gaining popularity for some years through what is known as body painting. Belly painting is just the next step, but here the bellies of pregnant women are the main focus.

The design captured on the woman’s belly represents her preferences, those of the father or even the entire family. Doing this activity along with a photo session has become a popular option for keeping memories of this beautiful stage of pregnancy.

Benefits of belly painting

At first, it may appear to be nothing more than a fashion trend, but the truth is that this activity is beneficial for the mother and her baby. During the process of belly painting, both enjoy the extra attention and moment of relaxation.

What Is Belly Painting?

The tickling caused by the brushes sliding down the belly of the woman relaxes her and at the same time stimulates the baby. This type of activity strengthens the pre-birth relationship between mother and child.

If you ever have the opportunity to experience it, there is no reason to hesitate. The experience will be very fun, relaxing and enriching.

When is it best to perform belly painting?

The ideal moment to perform belly painting is when the mother feels ready and is in good conditions to do it.

It’s not only the mother’s physical state that matters, but we have to remember that her mood is of utmost importance for these types of activities during pregnancy to yield the satisfactory results desired.

We recommend doing the belly painting between 6 and 8 months of gestation. Of course, the shape and size of the belly will be decisive.

We recommend this time frame because during these months the belly usually reaches a significant size. But that depends on each woman.

Some mothers do it one or two weeks before giving birth, while others do it far in advance. It really depends on the woman and how she feels.

Does belly painting affect the mother or the baby?

Throughout pregnancy, there are many things that, although may appear harmless and straightforward, seem to worry the future mother. The painting products used for daily purposes are now being researched to avoid side effects in pregnancy.

While belly painting, the question arises if whether the paints and materials can cause some damage to the mother or the baby.

Fortunately, there is nothing to worry about; the paint mixes used for this trend nowadays are made especially for body makeup.

The components of these products aren’t harmful to health at all. They don’t produce allergies, and they’re quickly eliminated with water.

How long can a belly painting session last?

Before scheduling the appointment with the artist who will design and do the artwork on the belly, you should be aware of everything that the process entails.

Pregnant women are usually tired, especially during the advanced stages of pregnancy. Completing daily tasks takes much longer, and energy levels decrease throughout the day.

A belly painting session can last up to three hours. Any further prolongation will depend on the complexity of the design chosen.

What Is Belly Painting?

Women should enjoy the belly painting process to the fullest. They must relax completely and avoid fatigue or stress at all costs.

If you feel discomfort during the process, take a break and you can continue when you recover. Usually, these belly painting sessions come before a photography session, which also requires considerable effort.

Small breaks accompanied by tea and some fruit will help boost the mother’s mood and physical state.

Where are belly painting sessions done?

To find the right place, it’s necessary to research which body painting artists live near you.

It’s advisable to avoid long journeys since, in addition to the time invested in the painting and photo session, a long trip can be overwhelming. You can always consult on social networks with groups of mothers who have already done a belly painting session.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.