What Are Biodegradable Pregnancy Tests?

Environmental awareness is taking over the world, which is why a company has created biodegradable pregnancy tests. Learn more.
What Are Biodegradable Pregnancy Tests?

Last update: 21 April, 2021

Technological advances help to simplify our lives. However, there are instances where misguided use of new technologies can have negative consequences. Biodegradable pregnancy tests can help to combat those negative consequences because they’re an ecological alternative.

We could list many of the ways that technology has become excessive when it comes to pregnancy tests. For example, there are liquid crystal displays (LCD), glass fibers, batteries, nitocelluloses and more. And, since these tests are meant to have a short lifespan, they’ll undoubtedly end up as waste. 

This definitely reflects consumerism at its finest. For that reason, a company called Lia that makes pregnancy tests decided to do something. They realized that pregnancy tests were moving in the wrong direction and were leaving a hefty carbon footprint. 

What Are Biodegradable Pregnancy Tests?

What are Lia biodegradable pregnancy tests?

Lia’s rationale for creating biodegradable pregnancy tests was to combat the amount of plastic waste that rapid tests were causing every year. This sum amounts to approximately 907,000 kilograms or 2 million pounds. Also, this trend has been continuously increasing over time.

Lia’s biodegradable tests, however, are made of natural fibers that are similar to toilet paper. But how does this help the environment? Because you can throw them away or dispose of them without affecting the water or soil. 

Even though these tests have different manufacturing materials than other tests on the market, they’re not more difficult to use. In addition, their results are remarkably accurate (according to the company, they’re 99% effective). 

How do biodegradable pregnancy tests work?

First, to understand how these tests work, you have to know that the sensor and clamping area are on the opposite end. Also, the clamping area is sunken in. In addition, the viewing window is in the middle.

When your urine touches the sensor, the test will be able to determine the presence or absence of human chorionic gonadotropin. Then, you wait for your results for 5 minutes. A positive signal is represented by 2 lines with a lot of separation between them. On the other hand, if the test is negative, you’ll only see one line.

Another interesting point is that, at the end of the process, you can separate the viewing window from the rest of the test. This is great for mothers who want to preserve the memory in an album or in some other way. Lastly, another unique characteristic is how light the test is. In fact, its weight is comparable to 4 sheets of double-ply toilet paper.

How long does it take to degrade?

Biodegradation takes about 10 weeks, counting from the moment you use it. This is possible because the test isn’t made with any plastic. 

Gradual expansion of biodegradable tests

Although there are a lot of ecologic benefits associated with biodegradable pregnancy tests, they’re still very limited in the United States. However, due to the increasing need to reduce the effects of pollution, we expect their expansion to accelerate in the coming years.

One of the reasons this product isn’t taking off very quickly are the symbols that show whether or not you’re pregnant. Companies would need to choose more striking colors so that people who suffer from deficiencies in their visual capacity can still see them. By doing this, more people may choose to use them.

Another important aspect is the price, which is around $14 for a pack of two tests. Lia’s intention with this ecological option is to perfect it so that it’s pregnant women’s first option. They also want it to be the first option of people who want to know instantly if they’re pregnant.

We’ll see in a few years if biodegradable pregnancy tests start to catch on and if other companies around the world adopt the ecological version in favor of their current products. Taking care of the world for your future baby, from gestation, is a great idea.


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