Best Maternity Clothes for Pregnant Women

During pregnancy, women's weight increases rapidly. Maternity clothes will always be helpful. To choose the best ones, here are a few guidelines to follow.
Best Maternity Clothes for Pregnant Women
María José Roldán

Reviewed and approved by the psychopedagogue María José Roldán.

Last update: 27 December, 2022

During pregnancy, women gain weight, their bellies widen, and they can’t always wear the same clothing as before. All of this requires a temporary change in wardrobe and maternity clothes.

However, it’s not that simple. Pregnant women gain weight rapidly, so you need to think about how to buy clothes. 

In addition, maternity clothes are usually more expensive than regular clothes. That’s why it’s a good idea to follow advice and plan how you’re going to dress while pregnant.

You don’t need to buy everything

Before spending money at a maternity clothes store, first look at your own closet. Don’t forget that in this time of your life, you’ll want comfort over fashion. However, you can combine both aspects. You can wear sportswear, as long as it’s loose.

Many women have long, thin cloth dresses in their closet. If the material is stretchy, thin and comfortable, you can wear it even in the last few weeks. Many of the things you forgot are even in your closet will be useful when pregnant.

Everything that stretches is good

If you’re going to make an investment, it’s best to buy stretchy clothes. This way, the outfit you buy can last nine months and many more.

Loose leggings are an excellent choice. You can almost always use your regular size, and they won’t squeeze your belly. In this sense, natural fabrics and cotton are the most convenient ones for future mothers.

These materials are especially great when buying new underwear. This way, you only have to avoid bras that are very tight. Also, avoid those that are itchy or irritate your skin.

Best Maternity Clothes for Pregnant Women

Check your footwear

Having comfortable shoes is a necessary part of maternity clothes. Swollen feet is one of the most common pregnancy symptoms. High heels and hard shoes have no place in the middle of pregnancy.

The perfect shoes for pregnant women are comfortable, quilted, and soft. They need to be flexible, low and with good ventilation. The goal is to be able to walk quietly and comfortably.

Remember, during pregnancy, you can’t wear tight shoes all the time. Therefore, tennis shoes and open sandals are great options.

During pregnancy, it’s best to buy clothes that stretch easily.

How to buy maternity clothes

It’s very likely that you’ll never feel like you have enough maternity clothes. Therefore, if you go to the store to buy maternity clothes, think about what you’re buying. Maternity clothes are more expensive than others. In addition, you can’t wear them again after pregnancy.

The best time to buy these clothes is right when your belly starts to noticeably show. The good thing about this type of clothing is that it’s made to adapt to the changes in your body.

On the other hand, there are those who buy large clothing that isn’t made for pregnant women. In reality, this doesn’t really help. This option might only work when buying long, baggy dresses.

Best Maternity Clothes for Pregnant Women

Colors and cuts

Pregnant women should play with colors in order to feel fashionable. After all, sometimes hormones will affect your behavior. You need to feel secure and confident in yourself!

The only thing you should avoid buying is black clothes. Black clothes usually make you feel warmer. During pregnancy, this is the last thing you need. On the other hand, bright and pastel colors are great options.

Finally, remember that you don’t need to be completely covered while pregnant. Showing a little bit isn’t forbidden. Being comfortable is the main objective. Don’t worry, after delivery you can go back to your normal size.

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