How Do I Tell My Parents that I'm Pregnant?

Having premarital sex without protection and maturity can have consequences, including unplanned pregnancy. It's not easy to tell parents that you're pregnant.
How Do I Tell My Parents that I'm Pregnant?

Last update: 23 August, 2019

“How do I tell my parents that I’m pregnant?” If you’re asking yourself this question, then read the following article for helpful advice. It’s not always easy to tell your parents that you’re pregnant.

Maturity, most of the time, is consistent with age. However, from the beginning of adolescence, parents should talk to their children about how to have a responsible relationship and transmit the idea that it’s good to wait and take your time.

Adolescence and sexuality

Dating is a stage where couples meet and live the purest love. They create an intimate bond, they fall in love and learn to respect each other. However, when you hurry to act older than you are or act on impulses, then you have to accept the commitment and consequences.

There are many ways that couples can express love, not just through sex. Couples should wait to have sex until they’re both ready and responsible. This is especially true because there’s always the chance of bringing another being into the world.

If the couple, and especially the woman, isn’t ready to face pregnancy and the consequences, both people need to face the responsibility. In these cases, it’s important to have a support system to carry out the pregnancy.

When you make your decision and decide “I’m going to tell my parents that I’m pregnant,” you should know that this is more than just a small meeting. It’s normal to feel nervous and worried about how they’ll react to the news.

How Do I Tell My Parents that I'm Pregnant?

They might blame each other for what happened. There might be yelling and shouting that could get out of control. Of course, every situation is different. It depends on everyone’s beliefs, values and personality.

It’s important not to get carried away in the moment. Only you know your parents and how they live their lives. The best thing to do is not go alone. Have your partner come with you to talk to your parents.

How do I tell my parents that I’m pregnant?

With the following tips, you can make it much easier to deal with this situation.

Keep calm

Although it can be an anxious and nervous time, keep calm and think about what you want to say. Plan out what you’ll say and remember that you’re telling your parents something important.

Additionally, don’t think you’re alone. You aren’t the first or the last person to get pregnant without planning for it.

“You should know that this is more than just a small meeting. It’s normal to feel nervous and worried about how they’ll react to the news.”

Find the right time and place to talk

Talk to your parents when they aren’t stressed, whether from work or something else. Don’t make a bad situation even worse, so you should find the best time to share the news.

If you choose a bad moment, the whole situation will spiral out of control. Everything will become a family chaos. Therefore, you’ll feel like the world is falling to pieces around you. You need to show integrity and confidence to get a good reaction from your parents.

However, you also don’t want to wait too long. It’ll quickly become obvious that you’re pregnant because your belly will start showing or other symptoms will be noticeable.

Ask for help

Although the situation is very difficult, it’s best to ask for help from your parents. They’ll help you make the best decision. Additionally, they’ll always be the best source of motivationFamily can provide love and understanding in even the hardest of times.

How Do I Tell My Parents that I'm Pregnant?

Wait and be patient

When facing the difficult question: “How do I tell my parents that I’m pregnant?” they’ll most likely be shocked and a little disappointed. However, this is completely normal.

After you talk, wait until their emotions level out and everything goes back to normal. Then, listen more carefully to their advice. Most likely, they’ll offer their support.

Generally, parents support their daughters when dealing with a situation like this. Of course, it’s not easy. At the beginning you might feel confused, worried, and sad. Later, everything will be okay and they’ll love and support you.

If you’re going through this situation, build up the courage and give your parents the same love and understanding that they give you. They’ll support and help you in the most difficult times.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.