Your Pregnancy at 15 Weeks

At 15 weeks of gestation, your baby measures approximately 4 inches and weighs about 1.75 ounces.
Your Pregnancy at 15 Weeks

Last update: 27 July, 2018

At 15 weeks of pregnancy, the mother starts to feel better, leaving behind symptoms like nausea. At the same time, the baby is already about the size of an apple – about 4 inches long.

Week 15 of pregnancy

In some ultrasound images, it’s possible to determine the baby’s sex as early as 15 weeks. Furthermore, the fetus’s arms and legs are growing, and can flex his or her joints.

During this week, the child’s lungs begin to develop by breathing in the surrounding amniotic liquid. In the same way, he or she can even taste certain foods through this liquid.

Although the child‘s eyes remain closed, he can already perceive light. He can also hear and recognize his mother‘s voice. The baby begins to gain weight at this point, reaching about 1.75 ounces.

15 Weeks

During week 15, the baby’s skeleton hasn’t formed yet. However, you can see his dorsal spine and its nerve endings. Furthermore, the fetus can raise his neck and hands. In fact, in some cases you can even observe the baby putting his fingers in his mouth.

“During this week, the child’s lungs begin to develop by breathing in the surrounding amniotic liquid”

The mother’s body at 15 weeks of pregnancy

  • The most important change that the mother experiences is her improved well-being. Her hormones begin to stabilize and, as a result, the nausea and vomiting from the first trimester decrease considerably.
  • Thanks to the same hormonal effects, the appearance of the mother’s skin and hair start to improve.
  • If the mother has had previous pregnancies, her belly will start to show. As for first-time mothers, belly growth is less noticeable at this point.
  • To avoid stretch marks, it’s important to keep the belly and surrounding area moisturized. It’s best to choose lotions that are especially designed to prevent stretch marks. Applying this lotion to your thighs and buttox is also a good idea.
  • Up to this point, pregnant mothers tend to gain about 11 pounds. For some women, weight gain is greater because of fluid retention or bad eating habits  
  • Because the baby starts to notice certain flavors, specialists recommend maintaining healthy eating habits in the home. This is the simplest way to start instilling good habits in your baby.
  • In some women with weak veins, the appearance of burst veins and varicose veins is common. While this is mostly due to genetics, women can avoid this issue with exercise and moving of the joints.
  • Constipation is another common characteristic during the 15th week of pregnancy. The causes are hormones, the intake of iron as a vitamin supplement, and lack of exercise. To minimize the effects, pregnant women should increase their fiber intake and drink plenty of water.

Healthy eating at 15 weeks of pregnancy

Throughout a woman’s entire pregnancy, it’s important that she maintain a balanced diet. However, during week fifteen, women might experience an increase in anxiety and cravings. 

If that’s the case, the mother should stay constant and eat something that’s not harmful for her or the baby. Of course, this doesn’t mean she can’t give into a treat every once in a while, like sweets or chocolate.

It’s common for women to experience a lack of energy this week. Therefore, it’s important to take in foods that are rich in carbohydrates like fruits and vegetables – especially green veggies.

However, eating cookies, bread and other complex carbohydrates can produce more exhaustion because they are harder to digest. What’s more, they place the body in a neutral state in order for their digestion to take place.

15 Weeks

Proteins are also vital. That being said, pregnant women should be careful with their fish consumption. This is especially true in regards to fish containing mercury.

It’s best to verify with a specialist what fish are okay to eat during pregnancy. It’s also important for pregnant women to take the vitamins their doctor prescribes on a daily basis.

Recommendations for week 15 of pregnancy

  1. Get enough rest. Given that women often start to regain energy around this time, some forget to get the rest they need. Expectant mothers should get 8 hours of rest every night. They also must rest during the day, according to the amount of activity they carry out.
  2. Exercise is a good ally to reducing discomfort during pregnancy. It’s also a great way to prepare for giving birth. Relaxation exercises like yoga area ideal, as is a simple, light gym routine.
  3. Enjoy the moment. Talk with your baby and connect with your growing belly. This will help you prepare mentally for birth and parenthood.

Taking care of yourself and your baby isn’t easy. But take advantage of every opportunity within your reach to feel good.

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