Summer Fashion for Pregnant Women

Here are some helpful tips on summer fashion for pregnant women. Keep them in mind to feel comfortable and stylish during the warm summer months.
Summer Fashion for Pregnant Women

Last update: 20 October, 2018

How to dress during the summer months if you’re pregnant can cause you quite a few headaches. We’ll have to face high temperatures and at the same time, we’ll want to look good and feel comfortable. Here are some great options for summer fashion for pregnant women.

In this article we’ll be giving you several ideas on how to dress during your pregnancy during those hot months. We’ll help you make sure to be ready for any occasion! You’ll feel comfortable while also following the latest trends.

The basics of summer fashion for pregnant women

You’ll soon realize that timeless classic pieces prevail over currently fashionable items. This is great for our summer wardrobe as it means our clothes can be reused again in the future.

Rather than filling our wardrobe with more “maternal” clothes, the idea is to find comfortable fashionable clothes in larger sizes. Adjustable clothes are also a good option.

With these we’ll feel that our appearance won’t be changing too much, despite our changing size.

Keeping this in mind, the perfect basic choices for summer would be:

White and loose blouses

Combine these with skirts or shorts and some pretty sandals. They’ll help you feel fresh and comfortable. They truly are one of the most comfortable options for summer fashion for pregnant women.


Their elastic fabric will allow you to feel comfortable around the waist. As they aren’t as heavy as jean fabric, they’ll also help you feel cool and fresh.

A-line or trapeze dresses

A-line clothing, or trapeze dresses are cut in the form of a bell, and allow you to have total comfort in the waist area. If you’re still in the first few months of your pregnancy, your belly might not even be noticeable in them.

Summer Fashion for Pregnant Women

Maxi dresses

Maxi dresses are long dresses made of cotton or lycra fabric that allow you to be comfortable in a one-piece item. In addition, they adapt very well to the shape of your belly. They’re ideal for use with sandals or slippers.


You can use these to cover you at night. If you wear them open at the front, then they reinforce the verticality. This way they create a visual effect that helps to stylize your figure.

Boyfriend T-shirts

Boyfriend T-shirts (as well as other “boyfriend” items) have been part of summer fashion for pregnant women for many seasons now. It looks like they’ll be here to stay too!

So if you want to wear something comfortable, grab hold of your guy’s shirts! Roll up the sleeves and get ready to go with a casual and fashionable look.

“Choosing basic and classic garments makes our wardrobe timeless and allows you to reuse garments in the future”

Flips flops

During your pregnancy your feet will also need maximum comfort. Opt for soft leather sandals, or the so-called Spanish style espadrilles.

Fabrics for summer clothes for pregnant women

So, we’ve looked at some of the best and most comfortable summer fashion for pregnant women. However, in addition to the design, it’s important to be careful with the choice of fabric.

The best options are those made from natural fibers, such as cotton (the absolute king of the textile industry), hemp, linen, silk or ramie. The latter is one of the most recommended fabrics to cope with the high summer temperatures.

If you want to combine basic pieces with the best trends for summer, take note of the following information:

Summer Fashion for Pregnant Women

Cargo pants

These are the famous pants that were popularized in the nineties by both men and women in the grunge culture. The advantage of using this type of pants is their wide silhouette that fits the waist, either using elastic or a long belt. In this way they’re very comfortable on the stomach.

With our recommendations about the best summer fashion for pregnant women, you’ll look and feel great. You’ll be ready to enjoy your pregnancy without worrying about what on earth you can wear!

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.