4 Great Summer Plans for Pregnant Women

Don't allow your fears to overwhelm you... Rather, enjoy every minute of your pregnancy! Relax and make this summer unique. Of course, you need to take certain precautions, but being pregnant doesn't mean you can't have fun.
4 Great Summer Plans for Pregnant Women

Last update: 02 March, 2019

Many women are reluctant to carry out certain activities when they’re expecting a baby. But there are plenty of excellent summer plans for pregnant women to choose from. None of these activities pose any risk to their health or the health of their developing babies.

Without a doubt, it’s important to take certain precautions. But once you have the knowledge of what’s necessary to avoid risks, all you need to do is decide what summer plans tempt you the most.

First of all, decide who you want to enjoy these summer days with. Ideally, you can spend them with your partner, but that’s not always possible. 

You may not be able to coordinate your work schedules, or there may be other factors in play. If that’s the case, then call on some friends or family members that you want to spend some time with.

Once you’ve picked some good company, you can start making plans for this summer. The beach? The mountains? A trip into town? A day at the spa? What are the best summer plans for pregnant women? 

What means of transport should you use?

If your destination is nearby, then it’s best to travel by car. Be sure to wear comfortable clothing and take along a pillow for your back. Drink plenty of water and stop at least every 2 hours to stretch your legs.

However, if you must travel long distance by bus or train, it’s best to choose an option that will allow you to sleep comfortably. For example, a bus with spacious, fully-reclinable seats or a train with sleeping cabins. Either option is great for future moms.

Also, make sure your means of transport has a bathroom and air conditioning. You can even find options with television and WiFi.

If you’ll be travelling by plane while pregnant, you should only do so prior to your third trimester. Exposing women to altitudes superior to 3,000 feet can put their babies at risk.

In fact, it can even produce premature birth. Even if you’re travelling during your first or second trimester, you should still check with your OB/GYN first.

4 Great Summer Plans for Pregnant Women

Travelling by water isn’t recommended, given the constant and unstable movements. This often causes nausea and motion sickness. Of course, being pregnant makes you even more sensitive, so taking a boat or a ferry can be quite uncomfortable.

Lastly, you need to take into consideration that means of transport with a lot of movement can cause issues with the placenta

In fact, excessive movement can put both you and your baby at risk. Therefore, if you’re going to travel by water, it’s best to travel in a large vessel where movement is less noticeable.

What are the best summer plans for pregnant women?

First of all, remember that the best time for pregnant women to travel is after week 12 and before week 28. This has to do with the conditions that exist during the first and third trimesters of gestation.

Women tend to feel their best during their second semester, while travelling during the first or third trimester may be quite uncomfortable.

1. A trip to the beach

Going to the beach is one of the best summer plans for pregnant women. The sound and smell of the sea will keep you relaxed and in a good mood. When you go to the beach, don’t just sit under the shade. Put on some sunscreen and enjoy a peaceful walk down the shore.

Take off your shoes – that way, you’ll be able to enjoy the sensation of the sand under your feet. Sit down by the shore and exfoliate your body with the sand while the water gently rinses you. 

Then, slowly get into the water from head to toe. Enjoy every single sensation and you’ll see how renewed you feel when you get home, full of positive energy.

2. Visit some hot springs

Hot springs are an excellent option when it comes to summer plans for pregnant women. You can put your whole body under water, up to your neck, and relax completely.

The hot water will help your muscles relax, and your body will thank you for it – especially if the weight of your baby is already starting to effect your legs and feet.

“Pregnant women should enjoy every minute for just what it is – a unique and unrepeatable experience.”

3. A day at the spa

If you don’t have any hot springs nearby, another alternative is to go to a spa. Not only will the staff treat you like a queen, your skin will also get royal treatment. You’re sure to feel like a whole new person when you’re done.

Enjoying massages during pregnancy, as well as hot stones and jacuzzis set at different temperatures and intensities will help your circulation. Of course, they’ll also help you relax.

4. A picnic in the city

If your options are reduced to the city you live in, there’s no need to feel disappointed. Without a doubt, you can find great outdoor spaces to enjoy. Take advantage of the beauty that these spots provide and connect with nature.

Prepare a nice picnic basket of fruit and bring along some cool drinks to beat the heat. Also, be sure to pack a blanket that you can lay on the ground, a good book and some games to play with company.

At the same time, you can set up some speakers and play your favorite music while you chat with your friends or family.

4 Great Summer Plans for Pregnant Women

Prevention at all times

No matter what you have in mind for this summer, your health and that of your child should always be top priority. For that reason, you should always check with your doctor before setting out to travel.

You want to be completely sure that you’re in good shape to enjoy your plans without putting you and your little one at risk.

Avoid putting yourself at risk if you present any of the following:

  • Bleeding or hemorrhage.
  • Previous miscarriage or premature birth, ectopic pregnancy or if your water has ever broken prematurely.
  • Placenta abnormalities, diabetes or a history of high blood pressure.
  • Severe anemia.

Keeping in mind all of these great summer plans for pregnant women, don’t wait any longer. Get out your calendar, plan your days, pack your bags and off you go. Summer is waiting for you!

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.