What You Don't Want To Hear When You're Pregnant

What You Don't Want To Hear When You're Pregnant

Last update: 13 November, 2017

Pregnant women often become the focus of attention and the subject of many comments that are not always pleasant. When you’re pregnant, you’ll most likely hear the following phrases. And if you have already had a baby, you probably heard them when your pregnancy was in progress. Do you identify with any of them?

Phrases you don’t want to hear when you’re pregnant

“It hurts a lot”

All women who have gone through a pregnancy, have heard amazing and very painful stories about childbirth. If you know another woman who is pregnant, avoid telling her how terrifying the pain was when giving birth.

You know it won’t be easy, but it’s important that you keep a positive attitude to avoid stress affecting you or the baby in any way possible. Remember that all women have different experiences and for many, the process is not traumatic.

“You are very small or you are very thin”

With these kinds of comments, the woman can misinterpret the words and worry about the health and size of the baby. If you have a small build, it is normal that the baby bump is not very noticeable; if you do the proper checks, there is nothing to fear.

“You’re too big or you’re too fat”

The self-esteem of women in gestation is especially fragile because of the external and internal changes that they experience, so this type of comment can generate a self-image crisis of in women. Weight gain is the most normal thing in the world when you’re pregnant. You only have to try to feed yourself healthy foods and everything will be fine.

things you don't want to hear when you're pregnant

“Was it planned?”

Whether it was planned or not, the decision to continue the pregnancy is under your control. Nobody is interested in knowing if you planned it or if it arrived unexpectedly. The only thing that matters is that in a couple of months you will have a beautiful baby in your arms.

“Can I touch your belly?”

Many women have no problem with others touching their tummies, but others are uncomfortable, so to err on the side of caution, it is better not to do so unless it is someone you know very well.

“When I was pregnant…”

It is common for mothers with several children to know many things that you might not know. All gestation processes are different and if you need guidance, you can seek advice from a family member or a doctor. Do not believe all the horror stories that some people share.

“You should not eat/drink that”

Unless it is harmful to your baby, you will not want to hear what you can and cannot eat. If you have questions regarding food issues, you can review menu options for pregnant women or consult a nutritionist. Others can tell you a thousand things that have no real foundation.

“Are you sure they are not twins?”

With this phrase, all pregnant women will feel that they are too high in weight. Abdominal growth varies depending on the bodily characteristics of the woman, the baby, and the diet, so there is no standard measure that you should follow. Again, as long as you practice routine checkups and everything is fine, there is no reason to worry.

pregnant woman holding a heart

“Are you going to leave your job when the baby is born?”

This really is a very personal topic that should only be discussed within the family. It can be taken as an intrusion and is not a topic that you want to talk to just anyone about. The decision to continue working or not is only for the mother and her partner.

“Sleep well now, while you still can”

Any comment that has a harmful or worrying intention, is not helpful to hear when you’re pregnant. Motherhood is a wonderful experience. As everything in life, it involves some sacrifices, yet that shouldn’t make you see it as a tragedy. You have to enjoy the changes.

“You are too young to have children”

Yes, there are certain socially established parameters for motherhood, but if you don’t adjust to them it is not a great tragedy. Even if you don’t fit the standards, the important thing is that you make your motherhood a wonderful stage that you will fully enjoy, regardless of how old you are.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.