Why Do You Still Look Pregnant After Childbirth?

Why Do You Still Look Pregnant After Childbirth?

Last update: 19 November, 2017

The most anticipated day of your life has finally come, the birth of your baby, but you may be wondering: is there anything else in there? Why do you feel you still look pregnant after childbirth? Keep reading and learn why.

After childbirth, your belly probably appears round, soft and uneven in some places. This is normal after a cesarean section because they cut tissues that cause it to look different, and it may look like the belly of someone who is 6 months pregnant.

The abdomen gradually returns to its natural appearance once the uterus goes back to its original size. You will be able to lose extra weight faster if you are breastfeeding due to the caloric output of the process.

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You will inevitably feel a little anxious or even have your self esteem affected as a result of your appearance. But don’t worry, there are a few things you can do starting from the first day after childbirth to change this. And you just have to get started in order to see the effects sooner rather than later.

Do you still look pregnant? Recommendations

It is important to remember that taking care of yourself before, during and after pregnancy is crucial for your appearance after childbirth, since your food choices and daily exercise will help with lymphatic drainage and for your organs to return to their place, significantly improving your appearance.

The abdomen is the part of the body that goes through the most hormonal changes, like the increase in size, the white line and the not so pleasant stretch marks.

You should understand that postpartum inflammation of the abdomen is natural, just like the white line. What you can prevent are unwanted stretch marks with good hydration, drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day, and frequently moisturizing your skin with special creams for this purpose.

There are some changes in our bodies that are inevitable, but you only have to remember that every problem has a solution. By following this advice step by step we assure you that you can improve the appearance of your abdomen and avoid looking like you are still pregnant after you give birth.

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  • Stay relaxed and be happy with yourself. You need to keep in mind that this is a temporary situation so you need to be focused on achieving your goals, being patient and feeling at peace.
  • Do your best to face these changes and the opinions of people. Sometimes people make thoughtless remarks; Please ignore these, don’t let them affect you, and move forward.
  • Remember, not all women go through the same experience. Bodies and the changes they go through are different for each of us, but if your problem is with the size of your abdomen, focus on your doctor’s opinion and advice and follow their instructions to the letter.
  • Breastfeed your baby. It will be beneficial, since you will be taking care of both your baby’s health and losing excess weight.
  • Watch your diet. Throughout the whole pregnancy and postpartum, you have to watch what you eat and avoid having too much.
  • Take advantage of the time when your baby sleeps in order to rest. This will help you recoup your energy and burn calories.
  • Stay hydrated. Water is essential. Drinking water will help prevent water retention which usually happens in the abdominal area and feet.
  • Postpartum girdles. Always listen to your grandmother’s advice. When we hear “wear a girdle right away” we think of a hassle or pain, but it is good advice. Finding a girdle specifically for the postpartum is important. As soon as you put it on, it will improve the overall appearance of your figure while helping your organs return to their original places.

Stay Active and Enjoy Your Baby to the Fullest

You should remember that patience, consistency, healthy eating and disciplined exercise will be the keys to staying healthy and fit. 

We have the privilege of giving life to a being, and not everything about it is easy but it’s also not impossible, so follow each of these recommendations and you will eventually achieve what you want most.

But for now, enjoy every minute with your baby to the fullest and when you begin to think negatively about your appearance, spend time with your baby and remember that it’s worth it to experience such a beautiful miracle of nature.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.