Candy Cakes: A Fun and Delicious Dessert Idea

Once you learn how to make candy cakes, traditional party treats will be a thing of the past. These trendy sweet treats can be made in a matter of minutes.
Candy Cakes: A Fun and Delicious Dessert Idea

Last update: 21 June, 2019

If you’re preparing for your child’s birthday, don’t miss this article on candy cakes. We’ll show you why candy cakes are a current dessert favorite, as well as how to make them.

Candy cakes: what are they?

Let’s start by talking a bit about candy cakes. Basically, as the name suggests, it’s a cake that doesn’t use a traditional sponge base or truffles or cream, but rather combines different sweets.

For example, you can use jellybeans and other “soft” sweets and mix them with “hard” sweets like lollipops. The best part is that candy cakes are very easy to make and that each guest gets a souvenir to enjoy later at home.

This way, you avoid having half the cake left uneaten, a common occurrence at birthday parties, baptisms, communions, and other special occasions.

Making a candy cake is simpler than you think. It’s also a highly original idea for your child’s next party. In addition, it doesn’t have to be made in the traditional shape of a cake. You can make it resemble a boat, a soccer field, or even a heart. You can also adapt it to a party’s special theme or decor.


Ingredients for making candy cakes

Candy cakes are made using a polystyrene tray as a base, which can be found at any pastry shop in different sizes and shapes. This is what you’ll need to get started.

You’ll also need gummy candies, lollipops and packaged sweets such as chocolates, the latter serving to prevent everyone from touching the sweets before the cake is cut. Meanwhile, you’ll need large rubber bands, toothpicks, aluminum foil and decorative ribbons.

Candy Cakes: A Fun and Delicious Dessert Idea

Some people use icing to make the sweets stick to the base, especially if the party will include many young children. This prevents them from eating the toothpicks.


Now that you have all the necessary materials, you can get started on making your candy cake:

  • Lay the base on your kitchen table or on a surface that allows you to work comfortably. Cover it with aluminum foil to make it easy to unstick the sweet when serving.
  • Separate the sweets by size. Place the largest pieces first to give the cake its shape. Join them together using the large rubber bands or toothpicks.
  • Place medium and small pieces of candy in the remaining gaps. Remember to secure them properly so they don’t fall off.
  • To decorate your creation, cover it with ribbons or any other flourish you like.
  • If it’s hot out, it’s a good idea to keep the candy cake in the fridge until the party starts.
  • Keep a spot on the candy cake in mind for placing the candle, or decide whether you’d prefer a smaller cake for the little one to make three wishes.
  • When cutting candy cakes, separate it into portions containing two or three large sweets each. It’s as easy as scooping them off the tray and placing them on a plate or napkin.

“The best part is that candy cakes are very easy to make and that each guest gets a souvenir to enjoy later at home.”

How to make a multi-tier candy cake

Are you in the mood to try a more complex candy cake arrangement for your child’s birthday party? If so, here are some guidelines for making a multi-tier candy cake.

Candy Cakes: A Fun and Delicious Dessert Idea

You’ll need four circular bases measuring 10, 15, 20, and 30 cm respectively. You’ll also need aluminum foil, colorful party sticks, about six pounds of assorted sweets (including marshmallows), and six big lollipops.

Wrap the bases in aluminum foil and arrange them in the style of a pyramid (largest to smallest). Insert the party sticks into the marshmallows and place them at the edges of each tier.

Each step of the way, add sweets to the mix. Finally, on the top tier, place the lollipops. Your multi-tier candy cake is complete!

If there is any hole in the cake, you can simply fill it with small candies. You can also decorate the cake with colorful ribbons.

Your child and guests will love this fun and original treat. It only takes a few minutes to prepare, and you can even reuse the bases for other family events or crafts projects.

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