6 Teen Novels by Laura Gallego

Laura Gallego, youth literature author, has had a lot of success both in Spain and internationally thanks to sagas such as The Idhún's Memories.
6 Teen Novels by Laura Gallego

Last update: 03 July, 2020

Spanish youth literature author Laura Gallego has been widely awarded throughout her professional career. She’s won the El Barco de Vapor Award, the Cervantes Chico Award, and the National Children’s and Young People’s Literature Award. In this article, we recommend a series of Laura Gallego’s teen fantasy novels.

Chronicles of the Tower

Chronicles of the Tower, a saga that includes a trilogy and a separate book, tells the story of Dana, a girl destined to do great things in the world of magic.

Valley of the Wolves

The first book of Chronicles of the Tower was first published in 2000. This first part introduces us to the world of the Valley of the Wolves and its mysterious tower, which turns out to be a school of magic. The teacher of this tower goes out in search of Dana, a young farmer, with the goal of turning her into his student.

6 Teen Novels by Laura Gallego

The Master’s Curse

The story of the second part of the saga takes place several years later. Now, Dana is the Lady of the Tower and, together with Fenris and her new disciples, will have to face their old teacher’s revenge.

The Call of the Dead

This is the third part of Chronicles of the Tower. As Laura Gallego explains, it takes place sometime later, when all the apprentices are consecrated magicians. In this book, Dana, after discovering a terrifying prophecy, decides to take over her own destiny.

Fenris, the Elf

This is a stand-alone book of the trilogy that narrates the life of one of its main characters: Fenris. This character, the only apprentice in the tower when Dana arrived, has a very special secret related to full moon nights.

The Idhún’s Memories

The Idhún’s Memories, probably the author’s most popular story, stars Victoria, Jack, and Kirtash. Laura Gallego narrates this fantastic trilogy through various worlds: Earth, Limbhad, and Idhun.

The Resistance

The first installment of this trilogy is Memoirs of Idhun: The Resistance, in which Jack and Victoria join a warrior and wizard exiled from Idhun to end the reign of the Sheks, to which Kirtash belongs.


In the continuation to the first part of Memoirs of Idhun, the Resistance group has a new ally, Kirtash, whose help will be key to face Ashran and his reign of winged serpents, the Sheks.

6 Teen Novels by Laura Gallego


The last book in the Memoirs of Idhun saga follows the final battle against Ashran. Also, it’s about the appearance of the new prophecies of the Oracles. In this book, the heroes of the Memoirs of Idhun try to face the new destiny that awaits them.

Despite the fact that it’s a rather popular genre in both young and old, over the years, fantasy has positioned itself as of one of young people’s favorite genres. In fact, fantasy is a genre capable of catching both children and adults’ attention.

Laura Gallego is a young literature specialist. The success she’s had in sagas such as Chronicles of the Tower and Memoirs of Idhun demonstrate this. In short, we’re sure her books will continue to engage new generations.

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