Children's Stories About Solidarity

Helping others and being supportive of their causes and struggles is, without a doubt, one of the most important lessons we can teach our children. What stories can help in this task?
Children's Stories About Solidarity

Last update: 27 December, 2019

Children’s stories about solidarity may represent one of the most beautiful incarnations of human values within children’s literature. Being supportive and adhering to the causes or problems of others without self-interest, especially in difficult situations, is one of the most beautiful behaviors that define us as human beings.

This precious value constitutes the main basis of life in society. Only through mutual care can we establish harmonious lives. That’s why solidarity and its benefits for one’s conscience and for others always stand out within the values that are taught to children.

If you wish to stimulate goodness, compassion, and solidarity towards others in your children, read them beautiful stories like the ones we’ll summarize up next.

Children’s stories about solidarity

Early education of the moral and behavioral values of human beings has been essential in children’s literature for many years. That’s why classic stories always illustrate solidarity, companionship, kindness, and compassion; themes that encompass love as a whole.

While in many children’s stories, the characters must face situations that put their principles to the test; the triumph in their adventures and battles will always be due to working together, unconditional support, and solidarity.

This is what all parents want their children to learn as soon as they become conscious. Without further ado, we present our selection of the most outstanding children’s stories about solidarity.

1. Sendy’s little dog

The story is about a beautiful little dog named Sendy who lives with her beloved family of humans. She gives them a lot of love and makes them happy. However, Sendy suddenly becomes ill and her owners, who aren’t kind people, decide to get rid of her and leave her in the street.

Children's Stories About Solidarity

The dog, with much discomfort and limping in one leg, tries to find the way back to her house, but she can’t. After several weeks of hunger, thirst, and cold, she lays down on old cartons to cry, remembering the happy moments she had spent with her old family.

Before falling asleep, she makes a wish to find a truly compassionate and supportive family that could help her in her difficult moments. When Sendy wakes up, she notices that she was in a very different place.

The little dog had been rescued by a noble lady who was walking down the street and noticed Sendy was sad and ill. Then, with all her love, she took Sendy to her house, where she welcomed the little dog as her new pet.

To this day, Sendy, the little dog, believes that the deepest desires of the heart are always fulfilled and that solidarity will always exist in many kind-hearted humans.

Children’s literature was always linked to the early education of moral and behavioral values of human beings.

2. Nuria’s mane

Nuria is a 12-year-old girl who has long red hair, which she always ties up since she feels that it bothers her. Despite her discomfort with the hair, she can’t cut it either. Every day, her mother advises her not to do it.

One fine summer day, weary of the heat of the hair on her face, she decides to cut it. She hides the remains of her hair in her closet so that her parents can’t find it. The next day, she gets up very early to look for the mane to throw it in the trash; however, by magic, it had disappeared.

Children's Stories About Solidarity

While she’s searching, a magical figure appears and tells her that some people lose their hair when they’re sick. With the hair that Nuria was going to discard, she can create a beautiful wig, which will surely fill another girl with joy. It was her chance to help these kids.

Nuria, after hearing that the possibility of being supportive in the struggles and sorrows of others was in her hands, takes up the challenge of letting her mane grow every year and giving it to the magical figure. 

These two children’s stories about solidarity are great examples of stories with deep messages that children will understand. You can have great conversations with your children about the causes of solidarity that are most important to your family.

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