5 Movies About Bullying That Everyone Should See

Bullying is an increasingly frequent problem, which is why we want to share this list of movies about bullying that everyone should see.
5 Movies About Bullying That Everyone Should See

Last update: 09 March, 2022

Nowadays bullying is, unfortunately, becoming a phenomenon that happens frequently. Many times, we’re not aware of the extent of this problem and the serious consequences it can have on children and adolescents. With that in mind, there are movies about bullying that everyone should see.

School bullying has always existed, but these days, there’s greater social visibility. In addition, the appearance of social networks has increased the cases of harassment that occur online. There are movies that show us bullying as a main or secondary plot.

In this article, we’re going to see some of the films that deal with the issue of bullying, and that we should all see to become aware of the serious consequences that these events can entail.

Movies about bullying: What is bullying?

We’re talking about bullying when there’s behavior by one or more people who intentionally try to cause pain, discomfort, or damage to other people. This situation causes a relationship of inequality, where the aggressor exercises greater dominance and power than the victim. This situation occurs continuously over time and the types of aggression can be physical or verbal (insults, humiliation, blackmail, etc.).

With the advances in technology, this harassment can be carried out through the internet, and this is known as cyberbullying. These actions have consequences affecting the social and personal development of the victim. They usually present anxiety, concentration problems, sadness, insecurity, low self-esteem, etc.

5 movies about bullying

Below, we’re going to give you a selection of movies about bullying that can help us get a little closer to these actions that can be so harmful.

Pay It Forward (2000)

In this film, although the main focus isn’t bullying, it does appear as a secondary plot. Trevor is a boy who initiates a chain of favors as a science project. Each person has to do a favor for three others, and those three for three others, and so on. This kid tries to put it into practice in real life.

As a subplot, there’s Alan, a friend of Trevor, a boy who’s humiliated and tortured by his classmates; out of fear, he does nothing to avoid it. Trevor tries to defend him, with tragic consequences. This movie gives us a very nice message despite the drama.

A scene from the movie "Precious".

Precious (2010)

It tells the story of an illiterate and obese girl, whose mother doesn’t love her for having had two children as a result of her father’s continued rapes. In addition to the abuse and humiliation she receives from her mother, Precious is also harassed at school because of her situation.

An American Girl: Chrissa Stands Strong (2009)

This film tells the story of Chrissa, an eleven-year-old girl who begins to suffer harassment from two of her classmates. In this feature film, we can see the different steps that their parents and schools have to take in order to solve this problem.

Bully (2011)

Bully is a documentary that shows different cases of bullying, how the victims experience it, and the point of view and experiences of these actions in the parents of the attacked children.

The family in the film Wonder.

Wonder (2017)

This is one of the best movies about bullying, as well as being one of the highest-grossing. It’s based on real events, which help us understand the problem of bullying, and, in addition, it’s accompanied by a message of extraordinary self-improvement. This feature film puts us in the complicated situation of fitting into life when we have an illness or physical deformity.

Regarding movies about bullying

Surely there are more movies about bullying, but here we wanted to bring you these titles because they’re some of the best on this subject. If you want to understand the situation of children who are harassed a little better, these movies will help you.

They’re films that we should all see so that we become aware of the serious consequences that bullying has on children who are harassed.

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