Understanding Preadolescence: Recommended Books

Puberty is one of the most complicated stages of life, so it's very important that teenagers can learn about all the changes they're going to experience. Here, we'll recommend some books to help with understanding preadolescence.
Understanding Preadolescence: Recommended Books

Last update: 18 May, 2021

Puberty is one of the most complicated life stages, so it’s very important that teenagers can learn about all the changes and have an understanding of preadolescence and all that they’re going to experience.

Adolescence is a stage of huge changes, and we’ve all experienced it at different levels. It’s one of the most complex phases when it comes to dealing with emotions, thoughts, and even actions.

Many changes happen during adolescence and many teenagers aren’t prepared to deal with them due to their lack of knowledge.

That’s why it’s very important that parents and teachers talk about these changes with children. To deal with this situation, books are very useful tools.

This book selection will help parents and young people to discover all the changes teenagers experience and how to deal with them in the best possible way.

What’s happening to me?  Girls/Boys

Usborne publishing provides all the possible information about the changes teenagers experience as well as some useful tips. For this reason, they’ve published two books, one for girls and one for boys. In each of them, they explain easily and with illustrations the emotional and physical changes they’ll go through.

understanding preadolescence

Acne, mood changes, shaving, or wearing a bra are some of the topics these two amazing books explain.

Mi cuerpo está loco (My body is crazy)

Many times, preadolescents don’t want to talk about this stage or learn about it. They don’t care about books since at this stage they often lose interest in reading. For this reason, this book offers a different option, a comic book, to allow young people to learn about all the changes related to preadolescence.

This is an excellent book for girls since it’s narrated as if it was a journal, and they can identify with the funny stories of the main characters.

More books for understanding preadolescence

A mí también: si la adolescencia te ataca, lee este libro (Me too: if adolescence hits you, read this book)

Despite this being one of the many books available for understanding preadolescence, we wanted to include it in this selection.

The main reason is that along with all the information related to the hormonal changes girls experience during puberty, this book has opinions from other teenagers as well as some useful tips.

Young people listen to other people’s opinions, so this is a good way for them to learn more about this topic and realize that talking about it, is something completely normal.

Besides opinions from other teenagers, this book also includes tips and opinions from psychologists and doctors, which are very important to help them understand all the changes they experience.

The period book, a book for understanding important changes during preadolescence

Menstruation is one of the main concerns for every girl. That’s why this book will become one of their best friends and help them know everything about their first menstruation.

understanding adolescence

This book answers many of the questions young girls have since it’s very practical and realistic; ideal for knowing what to expect.

What’s happening to my body? Book for boys

This book was written by a professional educator, and she talks about all the concerns boys have during adolescence. This interesting book talks about voice changes, the development of reproductive organs, and acne, among many other topics.

Besides all these topics, this book also includes information about contraceptive methods and sexually transmitted diseaseswhich are very important issues at this stage.

This book also has a version for girls, which addresses similar topics as well as information about eating disorders.

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