The True Meaning of a Conscious Pregnancy

The True Meaning of a Conscious Pregnancy
María Alejandra Castro Arbeláez

Reviewed and approved by the psychologist María Alejandra Castro Arbeláez.

Written by Gladys González

Last update: 27 December, 2022

Pregnancy is a nine-month miracle that results in a baby, so you need to be mentally and emotionally prepared in order to enjoy it.

Because it is one of the best moments of your life, you have to learn to connect to yourself to experience it in a healthy way. A conscious pregnancy is a right all women have, from the moment they realize they will receive the purest form of love in the world.

It is about opening a door that leads directly to your inner world, to communicate with the being that is forming within you. Undoubtedly, this requires a process of acceptance, which will allow you to look at each change with joy, to feel symptoms with emotion and to discover that you are a magical force that gives life.

Conscious pregnancy will allow you to plant pure happiness in your baby’s heart.

Right now, this feels like a difficult challenge to achieve, especially with the hectic pace of our daily life, the impositions of society and the limitations of time, which sometimes do not let us enjoy the present. That’s why it’s important for you to look for simple tools that will allow you to do so, for the benefit of both you and your little one.

A prenatal course will probably help you establish a conscious pregnancy, but you can also do it yourself by looking in the mirror every day at that woman full of happiness and joy. Gestation experts will guide you on this long journey, which ends as soon as that smile appears on your lips when cradling your child in your arms.

The Luck of Having a Conscious Pregnancy

Pregnant woman in a sunny field with flowers

According to several scientific studies, pregnancy is a transcendental stage in which the so-called personal conscience is programmed. This means that the experiences you live during this time will promote a special neurological sensitivity and a determined psychological organization.

Also, experts insist that maternal experiences will be recorded as part of the neural system, which allows this system to relate to itself, responding in a specific way to certain stimuli and giving rise to a genetic predisposition relating to the environment.

One of the primary points that stands out is the relationship between stress in the second half of the pregnancy and the possibility of the child developing emotional, behavioral or hyperactivity disorders. This also influences the development of the pre-frontal cortex and the limbic system. 

Stress in the mother can influence the child’s future behavior.

In other words, you have to understand that having a little angel in your belly is a huge responsibility, which puts at risk all aspects of his or her development, physically, psychologically and emotionally. Therefore, you will have to find the ability to accept this situation and receive this beautiful blessing with an open heart.

Psychologists try not to cause alarm with these findings. On the contrary, they invite future mothers to live with happiness. You and your baby are the main characters of this story and you both must always be at peace.

Father and Mother in a Conscious Pregnancy

Father hugging pregnant woman's belly

The paternal figure plays a relevant role in this period, since a balance must be maintained for the benefit of the baby. Both parents have to connect with their inner selves, define the role of the parents and set priorities for the fantastic nine months ahead.

The idea is to create an unshakable feeling of peace, despite the thousand and one worries that appear along the way, such as where to give birth, what budget is available, organizing the child’s room, dealing with any discomfort, etc. These are just some of the challenges that parents will face together, and they must work in harmony.

The baby also needs to connect with the father.

According to studies conducted on the influence of the father on the fetus, beyond the emotional connection with the mother, the father’s actions have also been shown to have a future impact. Therefore, it is important that fathers approach and whisper how much they already love the baby and how they wait for it with eagerness.

Conscious pregnancy lets you see how lucky you are to conceive a wonderful being. Feel it and embrace it with your heart so that it comes to you as a reflection of your happiness. 

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