8 Things That Change Your Life When You Become a Mom

8 Things That Change Your Life When You Become a Mom

Last update: 05 November, 2017

When you are pregnant there are things people don’t tell you… and even if you imagine them, there are things that change when you become a mom that you may not expect. Being a mother is something wonderful and any woman who is lucky enough to be one and to love her children above all, will know that life is not the same and never will be the way it was before.

If you are not yet a mom but you will be soon, you should know some things that will change in your life as soon as you become a mom, and if you already are… you will surely understand each one of these points.

Changes that will happen to you as a mother

You will have a newfound respect for your mother

When you become a mom, you begin to understand everything about your mother. Although it may seem strange to you, when you become a mother, a new sensation appears within you, an overwhelming sensation and you realize how much you love your child (there are no words that can describe it) and how much your mother loves you (without limits).

The love for a child is visceral and that makes a mother appreciate her mom even more than she appreciated her before being a mother.

Things do not revolve around you anymore

If you are a mother, selfishness cannot be something that you experience, because things stop revolving around you… the past life where only you mattered is almost blurred.

Never again can you put yourself in first place when decisions are made or when there are important changes in your life. Now, your child (or children) will be the priority before all the decisions that you must make.

chances when you become a mom

You will not go out as much as before

If you are a mother, you may remember girls’ or friends’ nights differently than they are now. You used to stay out late without worrying. Now, even if you leave your children with the babysitter or with their grandparents, you will always have a curfew because you must be well to take care of your child the next day. Also, being without your child for too long just to have fun… is not something that is fun anymore.

Your version of fun changes

Maybe before you had fun going out, hiking up a mountain or doing things that only you liked. Now your fun time is to do things as a family, hugs, kisses and all the love that can be built every day being together. Family plans are the best plans, without a doubt.

You are surprised at the patience you have

Perhaps patience was not a virtue in your personality, but when you are a mother you must work on it so that your children can grow up with a balanced personality and good emotional health. Patience will not only be with your children, you will have more patience in everything: in your future, with people, with things that happen, etc.

The little things are the most important

The little things are the most important and you will take your time to get what you desire. Material things will no longer be important in your life; moments will be. Money will have a different value for you and be a different priority.

silhouette of mom holding baby up in the air

There is a new timeline

When you become a mother the timeline seems to change suddenly for some reason. What used to be 1 hour, now becomes 10 minutes. There are so many things that have to be done in a short time that the hours fly by.

When you leave home you have to plan things several hours in advance or you will always be late. Children are a torrent of unforeseen events so they may vomit before leaving home, or you may have to change an unexpected diaper or lose things.

And the most important is…

But the change that you will most notice as a mother is the most important one of your life, the one that will make you grow as a person: you will know the purest and most true love that exists in nature, the love of a mother for her child.

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