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Vanesa Evangelina Buffa


A dentist specialized in oral health in children and adolescents. She has worked as a teacher at the secondary and university education level in this area. She has also developed plans, programs, and projects aimed at teaching, management, and oral health care in marginalized areas of Argentina. She has worked as a collaborator for government institutions and NGOs.

About the author

Graduated in Dentistry from the Faculty of Dentistry of the National University of Córdoba (2008). She has a Master's degree in Health Promotion and Social Development, in a joint degree from the Public University of Navarra and the University of Bordeaux (2017).  and she t rained in Planning and Programming in Community Dentistry through the Argentine Community Dentistry Network. She also has a Diploma in Mistreatment and Child Sexual Abuse from the Grupo Congreso de Educación (2011).

She has published scientific papers on oral health in schools, social development, and health promotion. In her professional career, she has worked as a general dentist in public sector institutions and in NGOs, developing her work in clinics and as a health promoter in rural and marginalized areas (Argentina).

She carries out public health projects linked to improving quality of life and promoting health in schools, mainly in rural areas. She has also worked as a teacher in secondary and higher education centers. Her work as a dentist is complemented by the dissemination of her knowledge in web writing in the area of oral health.

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