100 Australian Names for Boys

Mommy kangaroo, are you in search of the perfect option? Don't miss the following list of the best Australian names for boys.
100 Australian Names for Boys

Last update: 02 August, 2022

Are you still in search of the right name to give your child? If you’ve always been attracted to the country of nature, deserts, or the Great Barrier Reef, we invite you to consult the following list of the best Australian names for boys. Perhaps, in it. you’ll find the definitive answer to all your questions.

Their spectacular meanings go hand in hand with the originality that they give off in their form. If you want your little one’s name to meet all these requirements, sign up!

Australian names for boys, original and ancestral

According to an article published by the Maracay Pedagogical Institute, the Australian aborigines have proclaimed themselves to be the first settlers of the Australian lands, since the spirits created Mother Earth. In turn, they’ve manifested their traditions, beliefs, and customs for thousands of years so that they don’t perish and remain intact from parent to child.

Therefore, in the following article, we’ll present some of the Australian names for boys that come from the country’s original peoples with the hopes that they completely captivate you. Their references to nature and the wishes that parents expressed for their future children, without a doubt, provide perfect options that are full of history.

Two little boys sitting on the beach while one of them plays the ukelele.
Australian names keep the magic of Aboriginal ancestors and their meanings are very representative of their culture.

Names, from A to C

  • Adoni: symbolizes the beauty of ‘the sunset’. In this sense, it’s a very special option.
  • Amaroo: is the ‘place of shelter and silence’.
  • Anatjari: the Pintupi language also provides wonderful options like this. In addition, it’s a name carried by great aboriginal artists.
  • Bambam: means ‘swelling’.
  • Banjo: if you’re looking for a special name, Banjo refers to an Aboriginal musical instrument. Without a doubt, a great option for parents who love music.
  • Batuhan: although its meaning is unknown, the truth is that it’s rare and precious. In addition, it respects the native language of Australian lands.
  • Bearchan: for the one who is ‘spear-like’.
  • Bouddi: symbolizes the national park of Australia. A perfect option that’s linked with nature.
  • Cobar: means ‘scorched earth’.
  • Coinneach: for one who is ‘handsome’ from birth.
  • Colebee: in Sydney, it became very popular because it was worn by two famous Aborigines.
  • Coorain: alludes to the ‘place of much wind’.

Australian names for boys, from D to I

  • Dainan: an aboriginal masculine name that means: ‘of good heart’.
  • Daku: is the arena for the inhabitants of this continent.
  • Darel: as most aboriginal names refer to elements of nature, in this case, it’s the ‘blue sky’.
  • Derain: Aboriginal name meaning ‘of the mountains’.
  • Dheran: means ‘hollow’.
  • Djalu: Australian boy’s name meaning ‘lightning’. Djalu is associated with Djalu Gurruwwiwi, the Aboriginal didgeridoo player and maker.
  • Djarrtjuntjun: a difficult name to spell and pronounce. This name means ‘pocket tree roots’ and its popularity could be due to Mandawuy Djarrtjuntjun Yunupingu, the aboriginal educator.
  • Dorak: Aboriginal name meaning ‘alive’.
  • Duck-hwan: the ‘return of integrity’.
  • Dural: this name means ‘hole where the smoke rises or chimney’.
  • Garbis: an Australian boy name with an unknown meaning.
  • Heng: means ‘eternal’.
  • Illuka: is the name of the coastal city in New South Wales and means ‘near the sea’ in the Bundajalong language.

Names from J to M

  • Jabiru: this name is one of the most legendary Australian names for boys. It was used by the aborigines of the North to name ‘the black-necked stork’.
  • Jarli: means ‘owl’.
  • Jarrah: expressly alludes to the Eucalyptus tree.
  • Jiemba: If you want your little one to have a beautiful name, choose Jiemba; as it symbolizes the ‘laughing star’.
  • Kanata: refers to the ‘town’.
  • Kolet: this is a unisex option that alludes to the purity of the ‘dove’.
  • Kuparr: means ‘red earth’. In this sense, it was the ochre used by the ancestors for body painting.
  • Lousntak: Without a doubt, for a prince, this name is perfect. It means ‘crown of light’.
  • Lue: Refers to the ‘chain of water wells’, a highly prized commodity in the great Australian deserts.
  • Mandawuy: means ‘clay’.
  • Mangana: is the name of the father of Truganini, the last full-blooded Tasmanian Aboriginal. This option has prevailed for centuries in the hearts of more traditional parents.
  • Mawukura: made famous by one of Western Australia’s most famous Aboriginal artists. Therefore, it’s also on this list.
  • Miki: this name refers to the child who carries the beauty of the ‘moon’.
  • Miro: symbolizes a kind of ‘lance’ typical of these regions.
  • Monti: along the same lines as Jaribu, this option also refers to the ‘black-necked stork’.

Australian names for boys, from O to Z

  • Omeo: alludes to the great ‘mountains, hills’.
  • Tarka: in the Kaurna language (belonging to South Australia), it means ‘eggshell’. Without a doubt, a very unusual name, but with great beauty due to its tradition.
  • Tuana: this beautiful name symbolizes the ‘lance’ or refers to the little ‘fighter’ who is on the way.
  • Sukru: for the little one who will be forever ‘grateful’.
  • Warragul: is the variant of the local term warrigal. Therefore, it refers to the ‘wild dog’.
  • Warrin: alludes to ‘winter’. Therefore, if the baby was born during this season, it’s an option to consider for its beauty and meaning.
  • Yannatahan: symbolizes the one who is always ‘walking, moving’. For this reason, it describes an active and playful boy.

Due to the global influences that the Australian country has received, more and more parents are choosing these names. Even if you’re not originally from their lands, you still may fall in love with their sounds and meanings.

A mother sitting in a field snuggling her baby boy.
Many of the baby names are closely linked to English culture, due to their strong influences on this nation.

Here are some names that have become quite popular in recent times:

  1. Logan
  2. Tristan
  3. Dylan
  4. Luke
  5. William
  6. Edward
  7. Matthew
  8. Ethan
  9. Max
  10. Felix
  11. Michael
  12. Justin
  13. Morgan
  14. Andrew
  15. Nathan
  16. Harry
  17. Nicholas
  18. Bonnie
  19. Isaac
  20. Jack
  21. Oliver
  22. Anthony
  23. Jackson
  24. Owen
  25. Antoine
  • Jade
  • James
  • Riley
  • Jason
  • Jayden
  • Courtney
  • Jessy
  • Ryan
  • Blake
  • Jim
  • Joe
  • Samuel
  • Caleb
  • Joel
  • Jonathan
  • Aaron
  • Cameron
  • Jordan
  • Scott
  • Charles
  • Joseph
  • Charlie
  • Joshua
  • Steven
  • Alan
  • Cody

Australia, the land that will give you the option you’ve so longed for

Kangaroo-mom, now that you have known all the options that the Australian lands offer for your baby on the way, it’s time for you to choose with your heart. And of course, speak with the future father about these wonderful alternatives.

We’re sure that both of you will make the right decision, letting your hearts guide you and feeling that connection with the parents of this country. Which of them have you opted for? Let us know in the comments!

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