100 Australian Names for Girls

Do you have a special fondness for the country of Australia? If so, check out this list of 100 Australian names for girls!
100 Australian Names for Girls

Last update: 02 August, 2022

Australia has maritime borders with New Zealand and includes the island of Tasmania, in addition to other smaller islands. Without a doubt, its landscapes are a whole world to discover. And in this context, perhaps this spectacular country and its people have the answer you’re looking for when it comes to choosing the right name for your future child. Therefore, don’t miss the following list of the best Australian names for girls.

If you’re curious about the history of this nation, its ancient cultures, and everything that has to do with Australia, we encourage you to keep reading. We’ll give you all the details.

The most special and original Australian names for girls

If you’ve ever traveled to Australia, it’s likely that you’ve fallen in love with its spectacular landscapes and natural monuments: The Great Barrier Reef, its wonderful deserts, and much more.

You may not know it, but the ancestors of these settlers were aborigines and, according to the words of Professor Rosa López D Amico:

“They believe that they have always lived in Australia, since the beginning, when the spirits did the acts of Creation. Furthermore, according to their traditions and laws, they’re born from the earth and belong to it, existing as descendants of mother earth.”

Given this statement, we present the original names used by ancient ancestors when they were expecting a daughter. In addition, we’ll also offer you other more modern and captivating options, which come from other parts of the Australian territory. Take note!

Australian names with A

  • Acindina: comes from the Acacia tree. In this sense, in Australia, it symbolizes ‘immortality and resurrection’.
  • Akala: means ‘carrot’.
  • Alinga: alludes to the brightness of the ‘sun’.
  • Alinta: means ‘flame’ in the traditional language.
  • Alkina: alludes directly to ‘the moon’.
  • Alkira: refers to ‘heaven’.
  • Allira: symbolizes the beauty of ‘quartz’.
  • Allirea: along the same lines as the previous option, it also alludes to this gemstone.
  • Allora: alludes to a ‘swamp’.
  • Allunga: symbolizes the divinity of the Sun.
  • Amarina: means ‘rain’.
  • Amiha: in the ancient language, it alludes to the winter wind. That is, to the ‘northwest monsoon’.
  • Anka: this name refers to a fish from Australian waters, the Barramundi. In this sense, it means ‘river climbing fish’.
  • Antara: means ‘sweet melody’.
  • Apanie: means ‘water’.
  • Aputa: this is a Maori option that alludes to ‘open spaces’.

Names for girls, from A to C

  • Araluen: symbolizes ‘the place where the water lilies grow’.
  • Aremi: means ‘magic’. Without a doubt, this is a very special name for the future girl of the house.
  • Arika: means ‘water lily’.
  • Arinya: the aborigines thus designated the most popular animal in the Australian territory, the ‘kangaroo’.
  • Arora: in line with the previous option, it means ‘cockatoo’.
  • Arnurna: symbolizes the ‘blue water lily’.
  • Bakana: means ‘lookout’.
  • Barina: refers to ‘the highest peak’.
  • Bega: for the little one who will be ‘beautiful, precious’.
  • Bertana: means ‘the day’.
  • Binda: refers to the ‘deep waters’.
  • Bindi: according to the Australian Museum, it means ‘place where a flight of cranes took place’.
  • Burilda: alludes to the ‘black swan’.
  • Camira: an option directly related to ‘the wind’.
  • Cardinia: means ‘dawn’.
  • Coorah: the aborigines used this word to refer to that which was ‘woman’.
  • Corowa: means ‘rocky river’.
A mother holding her sleepy baby girl while looking out at the sea.
No matter how rough the river is, motherhood will always take you back to the shores of unconditional love.

Australian names for girls, from D to I

  • Darana: according to aboriginal legends, she was a well-known mythological witch.
  • Darri: means ‘track, trace’.
  • Eerin: alludes to the ‘little gray owl’.
  • Ekala: means ‘lake’.
  • Elouera: a perfect name to refer to ‘one who comes or comes from a pleasant place’.
  • Ellin: alludes to ‘movement’. Without a doubt, a characteristic option for a dynamic and active girl.
  • Gedala: means ‘day’.
  • Ghera: alludes to the ‘rubber leaf’.
  • Gulara: symbolizes the ‘light of the moon’.
  • Gurley: alludes to the ‘willow’.
  • Guyra: means ‘place to fish’. Being this an activity very typical of Australia, parents didn’t hesitate to call their little ones that way.
  • Gymea: means ‘little bird’.
  • Hanya: symbolizes a ‘nice and strong stone’.
  • Iluka: refers to the one who will forever be ‘near the sea’.
  • Iraia: is linked to the name of Israel in the Maori language. For this reason, among New Zealand parents, it’s also highly demanded.

Names from J to K

  • Jannali: alludes to the ‘moon’.
  • Jeddah: means ‘little wild goose’.
  • Kamballa: symbolizes the ‘young woman’ in the language of the aborigines.
  • Karuah: according to nature, this is the name of a well-known native plum tree.
  • Katyin: means ‘water’.
  • Khya: similar to the previous option, it means ‘baby girl’.
  • Kimba: means ‘fire’.
  • Kiora: comes from the Maori word kia ora, which is a greeting typical of the area.
  • Kirra: refers to the ‘leaf’.
  • Kirrily: without a doubt, this is one of the names with the most special meanings. It symbolizes the ‘dark woman sheltered from the rain’.
  • Kolora: alludes to the ‘fresh water lagoon’.
  • Koorine: expressly refers to the ‘daughter’.
  • Kora: for the one who will be forever ‘partner’.
  • Korra: alludes to ‘fresh grass’.
  • Kyeema: refers to the beauty of ‘dawn’.
  • Kylie: symbolizes the ‘movement of a boomerang’.
A mother holding her baby up in the air at sunset.
Prepare your mind and your heart to wake up with the most sincere look of love that exists.

Names from L to M

  • Lamilla: symbolizes the ‘stone’.
  • Leewana: refers to ‘wind’.
  • Lemana: means ‘oak tree’.
  • Leura: to define the ‘lava of the volcanoes’.
  • Loorea: with express allusions to the mystery that the ‘moon’ gives off.
  • Lowanna: to name the ‘girl who will be a woman’.
  • Lurnea: refers to the ‘resting place’.
  • Lyndal: from the Aborigines, it means ‘waterfall, cascade’.
  • Mallana: means ‘canoe’.
  • Manilla: symbolizes a ‘winding river’.
  • Mayrah: alludes to the ‘spring wind’. Therefore, if your little girl was born during this time, it’s a great name.
  • Melba: comes from Melbourne, the state capital.
  • Meera: means ‘string bag’.
  • Merindah: for that girl who is ‘beautiful’.
  • Merri: means ‘very rocky’.
  • Myaree: alludes to ‘foliage’.

Australian names for girls, from N to W

  • Narel: refers to the ‘woman who comes from the sea’.
  • Narelle: similar to the previous option, it also means ‘woman of the sea’.
  • Navia: although its origin isn’t well-known, it could be linked to navigation through the seas.
  • Nerida: the aborigines gave this name to a precious ‘flower’.
  • Raelene: is the variant of Raquel (‘sheep’) with the area’s own dialect.
  • Sahani: symbolizes ‘the light of the star’.
  • Vesela: means ‘recipe’.
  • Waratah: refers to a beautiful ‘red flower‘.
  • Warrah: symbolizes the ‘mother jungle’.
  • Warrina: for that girl who always ‘gives joy’.
happiness little girl on swing plays with her mother
Your daughter’s laughter is the greatest source of joy for life.

More Aussie names, from W to Z

  • Weema: alludes to the ‘little one’ of the house.
  • Wilga: symbolizes the ‘little tree’.
  • Wyuna: means ‘clear water’.
  • Yagoona: means ‘today’.
  • Yani: for that girl who will be ‘peaceful’.
  • Yaralla: means ‘camp’.
  • Yindi: expressly alludes to the ‘beauty of the Sun’.
  • Yoola: means ‘hill’.
  • Yooralla: a perfect name to express exactly what you’re going to feel for this girl. In other words, it means ‘love’.
  • Yungara: is the so-called ‘wife’.

Australia, what pretty names you give!

As you may have already seen, Australia is a country full of magic, love, and good wishes for the little ones to come. In addition, it’s in constant union with Mother Earth.

For this reason, from You Are Mom, we want to invite you to opt for one of these precious names.

So have any of these options pulled at your heartstrings? If so, follow your instincts! And don’t forget to let us know in the comments!

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