17 Girl Names Beginning With the Letter F

Are you interested in choosing a name that begins with a specific letter? Here's a list of our favorite letters that start with the letter F.
17 Girl Names Beginning With the Letter F

Last update: 11 March, 2022

Have you already decided that you want your future daughter’s name to begin with the letter F? Then you’ve come to the right place. It may seem to you that a simple letter can’t hold much significance, but the truth is that girl names beginning with F are full of meanings and exciting stories.

If you want to know what the following selected list with the best options for your little girl can offer you, we invite you to keep reading.

The history of the letter F

The letter F.

The letter F is the sixth letter in the alphabet and the fourth consonant of the Latin alphabet. Its evolution deserves a unique section just to describe why it’s so important and why it has marked linguistic history through the ages.

Therefore, we must understand that its course and importance in the history of language depends on a series of factors to be taken into account:

  • First of all, you should know that the grapheme of this letter comes from the Phoenician letter waw.
  • From this letter came the Greek digamma , which later disappeared.
  • Later, the Etruscans took the same digamma letter, but this time mutated its phonemic value from [v] to [f].
  • With this final value, the letter arrived in the Latin alphabet.

A select list with the best girl names beginning with the letter F

  1. Fatima: this Arabic option comes from fatama, which means “to wean”. That is, its meaning has been interpreted to define “virgin woman”. In this context, the youngest daughter of the prophet Mohammed (7th century) was given this name.
  2. Francella: this comes from the Germanic language and refers to “the woman who stands out for her spectacular strength”.
  3. Felisa: this is the feminine variant of Felix and alludes to the one who is “happy, blissful”.
  4. Felicity: similar to the previous option, its origin is Latin and it’s one of the most emblematic names for parents, as it represents their main wish for their baby.
  5. Fernanda: comes from Germanic and refers to “the warrior who fights for peace”.
  6. Fiona: this option of Scottish origin comes from fionn, alluding to the one who is “white, immaculate”.
  7. Flora: this is a feminine proper name of Latin origin. In this sense, it alludes to the beauty of flowers.
  8. Florencia: this symbolizes the Roman goddess of flowers, gardens, and spring.
  9. Felicia: for one who is “happy, fortunate”.
  10. Fiorela: as you may have already suspected, this name is of Italian origin and means “small flower”.
  11. Fabiana: this is the feminine form of Fabian and refers to “she who is revered”.
  12. Fergie: the feminine form and diminutive of Ferguson, which comes from the ancient Gaelic Fearghus. This, in turn, is composed of two words that give rise to the meaning of the name: “person with vigor”.
  13. Frida: according to its etymology, it means “beautiful”. However, it must be said that this option became quite popular thanks to the Mexican painter Frida Khalo.
  14. Flor: a perfect option for shortening Flora or Florencia. This is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a name that alludes to nature.
  15. Fabiola: is a Latin name that comes from fabius, which directly alludes to a “bean gatherer”.
  16. Franciny: this name probably comes from the French Francine, and this one from Françoise. In addition, it’s worth mentioning that it became very popular during the 40’s in the United States, but it’s still perpetuated today in family lineages.
  17. Fanny: this is a name of Greek origin for the one who is “crowned with laurel”. That’s to say, she’ll be forever victorious.
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A letter with a lot of history offers names with a lot of tradition

We know how important it is to make a decision like this in one of the most special stages of life. Therefore, we hope that this list of the best girl names beginning with the letter F has helped and inspired you to choose the perfect option.

If you haven’t decided on any of these options yet, don’t worry too much. When you least expect it, the right one will appear and then you’ll feel a sense of relief and immense love that you’ll want to share with all your loved ones. The key is to know how to wait and not give up the search.

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