19 Phoenician Names for Girls

Delve into the history of an ancient people with these 20 Phoenician names for girls that will make you fall in love just by reading them.
19 Phoenician Names for Girls
Elena Sanz Martín

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

The Phoenicians were the inventors of the alphabet and created the first name options for their little ones. Therefore, we’ll present you with a list with 19 suggestions of Phoenician names for girls that will captivate you because of how traditional they are.

This civilization of strong and courageous warriors hides within itself the magic you seek. And maybe, in this list, you’ll find just the one for your little girl. Keep reading!

Have you thought of a name of Phoenician origin?

Phenicia was an ancient civilization that existed from 1550 BC to 300 BC

As well certified by experts, Phoenician is a dead Semitic language that was spoken in Phenicia, Lebanon, and Syria, and that disappeared centuries before the birth of Christ. Therefore, only some ancient names are preserved that have been recorded in books, inscriptions, and in the remains derived from the Carthaginian civilization.

Today many lovers of language and history decide to honor this civilization and choose these names for their daughters. Are you one of them? If so, keep an eye on this list.

Writing in Phoenician.

Phoenician names for girls: from A to C

  • Adama: refers to what all parents think of their little queen at birth: That she’s a  “beautiful girl”.
  • Adonia: with a spiritual and religious meaning, it literally means “my Lord is God”.
  • Alissa: means “noble” and is a name with both Phoenician and Hebrew origins.
  • Anaid: alludes to a Phoenician divinity of water and fertility, similar to the Venus of the Romans. In addition, this goddess brought together attributes of Minerva, Ceres, and Diana.
  • Anath: if you or your partner are music lovers, you may fall in love with this option. This Phoenician girl name has Hebrew roots and isn’t very common, but it has a beautiful meaning: “to sing”. However, there are also other opinions that allude to a different meaning: “spring of water”. In either case, you can imagine a beautiful symphony in your little girl’s eyes.
  • Asherah: this name also refers to another Phoenician goddess. In addition, it means “she who steps on the sea” and is an option that parents who feel a deep love for the ocean tend to adopt. It can also be given to girls who are born under a water sign in the horoscope, such as Cancer, Pisces, or Scorpio.
  • Ashtoreth: the Phoenician goddess of fertility.
  • Baalat: this name literally refers to that queen of the house who is a “lady”.
  • Batnoam: means “charming daughter”.
  • Cabiria: a feminine name of Phoenician origin that means “big”, “strong”, “powerful”.
  • Coriander: refers directly to the coriander plant. Therefore, it’s a beautiful and most natural option.

More names of Phoenician origin for girls: from D to Z

  • Dido: the main protagonist of the story of Aeneas, alludes to the one who is a “virgin”.
  • Elissa: this is a precious religious name for believing parents, which means “my God is abundance”.
  • Melita: refers to the bitter taste, but the truth is that its sound alludes to a sweet and kind girl.
  • Monica: this is a Phoenician name with Latin and Greek roots, which means “counselor”.
  • Nikkal: refers to the “great lady”.
  • Shapash: means “sun”.
  • Tanith or Tanit: she’s a Phoenician goddess who was also included in Carthaginian mythology. In this sense, it alludes to a kind of “snake woman”.
  • Yezebel: According to the Bible, she was a Phoenician queen of Samaria who married Ahab, the king of Israel.
A sleeping neyborn wearing a tiny paper crown.

Tradition has enlightened you with these 19 names of Phoenician origin for girls

As you may have already seen, Phoenician names for girls are options with deep warrior meanings and mythological and natural allusions. In this sense, the parents of that civilization looked for alternatives that would have strength and would provide little queens with a great personality.

If this is just what you were looking for for your future daughter, it’s likely that you’ve finally found it. Is this your case? Let us know in the comments what you think and which of them has captivated you the most.


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