20 Boy Names that Start with the Letter P

If you're looking for boy names that start with the letter P, here's a list of the most beautiful ones. Keep reading!
20 Boy Names that Start with the Letter P
Samanta Ruiz

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

A son’s coming to the family and you don’t know what you will name him? Don’t worry, we’ll help you! Here, we’ll offer you a good option to start your search: Boy names that start with the letter P.

If you already have children at home, it’s a great idea to share the task and for the whole family to participate. It’s a way for the older siblings to begin to participate in the life of the new member, even before they meet personally.

You have a few months ahead of you, so take your time to choose. Read carefully and say each name out loud to see if any of them are music to your ears.

Boy names starting with the letter P

The letter P is a consonant derived from an ancient alphabet. Its figure represented the mouth or peth, but transformed into a rectangle, as the letter O already existed with a circular graphic.

For the Greeks it’s the letter pi, in Hebrew it’s called pe, and in Arabic fa. All these alphabets have a common root: The Phoenician abjad.

As it’s present in these alphabets, you’ll find children’s names that begin with the letter P of Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic origin and much more. Do you want to discover some of them? Let’s begin!

A mother thinking about her future baby.
Babies come into your life much sooner than you think. And their name is kept in a special corner of your heart. It’s just a matter of finding it!

“Does a name necessarily have to mean something?”

-Alice Through the Looking Glass, Lewis Carroll-

Listed in alphabetical order

  • Pablo: a masculine given name that comes from the Latin word paulus, meaning ‘humble or little man’. Some variants are Pau, Paolo, Pavel, Paulo.
  • Pacey: an old name that refers to the people of Pacy, in France.
  • Palben: means ‘blond’ and is of Basque origin.
  • Pancho: a diminutive of Francisco.
  • Panit: a Thai name meaning ‘beloved’.
  • Parc: this name literally means ‘park’ in the French language.
  • Parker: an English given name derived from a surname indicating a person’s occupation: ‘The park keeper’.
  • Parvaiz: means ‘happy or lucky’, in the Persian language.
  • Pascual: a name derived from the Latin Paschalis, a word that refers to the day of Easter.
  • Patrick: the primitive origin of the name is the Latin word pater, which means ‘father’. Later, with that root, patricii was born to refer to the privileged social class of Rome. Therefore, the name also means ‘one who is noble’. The Spanish version of this name is Patricio.
  • Peter: this name comes from the Latin petrus, which means ‘stone’. It has the same root and meaning as the Greek Petros. The name also has an important biblical meaning, as Jesus said: “And so I say to you, you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church,* and the gates of the netherworld shall not prevail against it.” Matthew 16:18. You can also opt for other variants of this name, such as Pedro (Spanish) or Pere (Catalan), etc.
  • Percy: Diminutive of Percival, an old English name.
  • Peyton: comes from an English surname.
  • Philip: comes from the Greek Fílippos, from the words philein (which means ‘love’) and hippopotamus (which means ‘water horse’). In other words, ‘the horse lover’.
  • Philippe: the French variant of Philip.
  • Phoenix: this name comes from the Greek phoinix, which means ‘dark red or crimson’ and refers to the color of the Phoenix bird, which symbolizes rebirth and newness.
  • Pierre: the French variant of Peter.
  • Placido: a Latin male name meaning ‘calm’.
  • Polo: a diminutive of Leopoldo.
  • Prescott: an Anglo-Saxon name coming from Old English preost, referring to a priest, and cott, meaning a ‘house in the country’ (cottage).
A baby bow with a dinasour blanket on top of him.
Decide what you’ll name your little one together with the whole family. That way, their siblings will be able to participate in important decisions.

How to choose the right name for your child

There’s no single way to approach this process and there are many options. You can search for names that you’ve heard out there and that you like or also choose one related to other topics, such as geography, literature, or movies.

“Why should children be named after the dead? If they should be named, why not more lasting things, like the sky, the sea, or even ideas, which never die, or even the bad ones?”

The love story, Nicole Krauss-

You have to think that this is the first gift you’ll give your child and that he’ll carry it for life. It’s what will define their identity, so it’s exciting to find the right one!

With this article, you can start looking for baby names that start with the letter P. But if you prefer another letter, search our site, you have a lot to explore in these coming months!

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