26 Albanian Boy Names

Are you of Albanian descent? Do you hold a special place in your heart for this country? Then you'll love these Albanian boy names.
26 Albanian Boy Names

Last update: 14 December, 2021

Albanian is an Indo-European macro-language spoken by some 6 million people in Albania, North Macedonia, Montenegro, and in the partially recognized country of Kosovo. If you’re interested in the history of this area, which includes Greeks, Bulgarians, and Romanis, you can’t miss the following list with the best 26 Albanian boy names.

Due to its multiculturalism and the presence of different people, these options are perfect thanks to their originality. Take note!

Albanian boy names for your future child

As an article published in the Magazine of Languages for Specific Purposes shows, Albanian names are known for their unusual spellings and special pronunciations. This makes them perfect alternatives for those who want to give a different title to their children with a meaning that’s full of light.



An Albanian boy in traditional dress playing a traditional instrument.

Albanian names: from A to L

  • Afrim: means ‘focus’.
  • Agon: this sweet and short name is popular in Albanian regions. In this sense, it means “dawn”, symbolizing the beginning of a new day. In addition, there’s also Agin as a derivative.
  • Bashkim: refers to “unity”. Therefore, it can be interpreted as the perfect name for the little one that will unite the whole family.
  • Behar: a highly recommended option for those who were born in June, July, or August, as it means “summer”.
  • Besnik: means “faithful”.
  • Bujar: This is one of the main Albanian boys’ names and has a very light meaning, “generosity”.
  • Cevdet: although the name may seem Anglo-Saxon, the truth is that it’s purely Albanian and refers to “maturity”.
  • Dardan: may come from a word from the Kingdom of Illyria (an ancient historical region of Europe), which is “pear”.
  • Fisnik: This beautiful name became very popular with Albanian parents in recent years. And it’s for good reason, as it expressly alludes to one who’s “noble and gallant”.
  • Flamur: refers to the “flag”.
  • Gazmend: symbolizes what all parents feel when they see their little one’s face for the first time, a deep “joy”.
  • Henricus: perfect for the future king of the house, as it means “the peaceful prince”.
  • Ilir: for the one who is called to “be free”.
  • Jetmir: This name has both a traditional and a modern twist. In any case, the truth is that it’s a fascinating option and means “good life”.
  • Kreshnik: a most noble historical option, which alludes to the “knight”.

Albanian names: from M to Z

  • Merkush: fulfills what all parents desire for their little one, which is to grow up and be “happy”.
  • Murat: Perhaps you’ve already asked for it and it’s been granted. If that’s the case, this name will remind you of that “wish” fulfilled for your whole life.
  • Nderim: refers to “honor”, a fantastic quality to keep always present.
  • Pellumb: means “dove”.
  • Perparim: means “progress”.
  • Rezart: refers to a precious symbol, a “golden ray”.
  • Skender: for the “defender of humanity”. Some researchers think it may come from Alexander.
  • Vjosa: this name is the name of a river that runs through Albania and is a perfect choice for nature lovers.
  • Ylli: refers to astronomy and the universe, as it means “star”.
  • Yeshe: for the one who is “wise or who gives good advice”.
  • Zamir: if either of the parents adores music, they’ll love this alternative, as it refers directly to the one who “has a good voice”.

26 Albanian boy names to make you fall in love with multiculturalism

Albanian is one of the nine living branches of the Indo-European trunk and one of the most isolated. For this reason, it’s vital that its legacy endures among new generations, especially if the family’s history is related to this multicultural people.

We hope that one of those options has captivated you with its beauty and originality. Which of them did you find the most interesting? Let us know in the comments!

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